Sunday, July 30, 2006

The Dish Drainer

Some of you will feel sorry for me after this post... or you'll question my sanity.

I won't blame you.

Yesterday Tom and I went to a few yard sales and the only thing I found was something in a 'Free Box.' It was the dish drainer in this picture.

The weird part? I was excited to find this.

You see, for years I've just used a dish towel to set my newly-washed dishes on and I have liked it that way. There's nothing to store under the sink, you can hang a towel to dry or wash it just by tossing it inside a washing machine. No big deal. Easy.

But every now and again I've thought it might be fun to have an old-fashioned dish drainer... one that looked old... one like Blondie Bumstead might have (that is my question before I buy anything at yard sales--"Would Blondie have this in her house?"). And then poof! Yesterday I saw this pink dish drainer lying in the Free Box and well, it looks old (it's probably from 2002, or something, but hey... I'm after a certain look and besides--I can pretend, can't I?).

And the really, really weird part is that when I did the dishes last night I had fun. I enjoyed placing the dishes in the dish drainer just so. I felt like I was playing house again--the way I used to feel when I was a young, sweet newlywed lots and lots of years ago.

And well, I'm glad I felt that way. It felt good to still enjoy the very, very, very little things in Life.

....And I'm thankful that I'm childlike enough to believe God tucked that dish drainer into the Free Box just to surprise me.

Oh... and just wanted to mention that I have a new blog, one only for photos of my house. If you'd like to visit me, please go here. I'd love to spend time with you!

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xalter said...

hi debra,
i really enjoyed your story,
God really has a sense of humor
and it really made me laugh,
besides the wonderfull gift of homemaking you really have a gift of writing too,
also the story about the sunflowers spoke to me,
God really speaks to us as we sit quietly with Him,
bless you and your house