Wednesday, August 02, 2006

A Good Day Anyway

One dark autumn night I rolled our our large city-given trash can to our curb and guess what I beheld sitting across the street on our neighbor's curb? Yes, the dresser you see in this photo. So under the cover of darkness, and in my bare feet, I padded over to the dresser, picked it up, and carried it to our back door, up the back steps, through the house, and up the stairs to my dream room.

I'm funny that way.

Anyway, yesterday I finally got a start on painting that cute little dresser and basically, that was about all I accomplished on an ultimate hot and humid summer day.

Oh, I also was able to putter here and there, but years ago, I would have felt frustrated that I did so little. Those were the days when I graded how good a person I was, how capable and efficient and worthy I was by my accomplishments. By how many gold stars I could place on that big duty chart inside my head.

Thank-goodness those days are gone.

Now I know I am loved and accepted by God. Now I try simply to listen to His voice throughout the day leading me here, there, to do this or that, to minister to this person or that one, or simply to sit and listen some more.

The great thing about God? He doesn't over-schedule me. He doesn't run me into the ground like a slave or treat me like a 24/7 machine and He doesn't give me things I'm not equipped to do. God will not love me more if I produce more.

Basically,God doesn't stress-me-out. If I'm stressed-out, it's my own fault. I'm either doing something God never asked me to do--or-- I'm doing what He asked, but in my own strength.

God gives me the strength and energy to do everything He asks me to do. All that remains is for me to listen to Him tell me just what that will be for today.

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