Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Tea Party Dreaming

Regarding this picture.... Laugh all you want, but that is my idea of a rip-roaring good time! Seriously. I would like nothing better than to be all dressed-up and coiffured like that, sitting there with Saija, Judy and Myrna. Or Wilma, Laura and Elizabeth. Or Berrymom, Mel and Susan (both of them). Or Clarice, Debi and Linda. Or Robin, Mary and Corey. Or RC, Mrs. D and Violet. Or Deborah, Kim, and Tracy. Or Geekwife, Mindy and Joyce. Or Dianne, Tammy and Meg. Or Denise, AggieJenn and MizBooshay. Or Pearl, Sabine, Jeanette and Jennifer.

(And all the rest of you lovely ladies who are probably rightly mad at me now for forgetting your name...)

And as for my men readers, I'd love for nothing better than for you to be in the other room watching a football game or NASCAR with my husband--he would love that so much!

Oh well, I guess I can wait for the tea party for a day in Heaven. As for the guys getting together and watching sports on a tv in Heaven..... hmmmm.... Maybe you'll be able to fly over to the real thing and watch sports in a heavenly stadium. Or maybe not.

Just dreaming today...

Truly, I would love to sit around a table with my men readers, too... It's just that when I wrote this I was in the mood to give my husband a gift-- he enjoys sports so much on Sundays, but he always watches them alone, except for the few times I step in there to see how he's doing (and try to watch whichever sport it is for at least 5 minutes). But sadly, I'm just not a fan of sports. So I'd love to see him sitting there all happy and shouting joyfully with a group of men. It would bless my heart.

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