Tuesday, July 04, 2006

For Those Who've Loved My Curb Finds...

I forgot to mention something for those of you who have expressed delight over our curb finds. You just may be able to have your own form of 'curb shopping' no matter where you may live!

Freecycle is a website which will get you started. You just look-up the city nearest you and then join its email group. The city nearest us has a yahoo group which I joined years ago (I just read the email at the website, rather than have my email box flooded).

Anyway, this is what it's all about: When any member of your local Freecycle group has something to give away for free (it can be just about anything), they let the group know in an email. If a group member wants that free item, they email that person privately and then a time is set-up to have the item picked up and directions are given on where the item is located. Again, this is discussed in a private email--the whole group (which is usually hundreds of people) does not see any home addresses. And often, people will just place whatever they are giving away in their driveway if they are a little nervous about having someone from online come into their home. Or occasionally, they may arrange to meet in a public parking lot or other public place.

But the great thing about this whole idea is to get rid of large items you no longer want or wish to pay to have hauled away. And the even greater thing is that your items can be recycled through Freecycle (hence the name) rather than just being added to trash heaps and wasted (the ol', "one man's trash is another man's treasure" idea at work).

People in our own local Freecycle group have even been known to send in an email to the group saying something like, "I just saw a couch and love seat on the curb at 111 Smith Street in Townsville, if anyone is interested." After which, I always enjoy picturing in my mind 5 or 6 cars screeching to a halt at the curb of that house and people jumping out to be the first to grab a couch. (Weird sense of humor, I know).

Just thought I would mention Freecycle to you... Many of you seemed to love the idea of getting stuff for free... Imagine that!

Oh! And happy 4th of July to all my fellow Americans!

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