Thursday, July 06, 2006

Courage to Decorate---And Beyond...

So where are these from? The bedroom of an 11-year-old back in the 1940's? Nah... these are from my very own upstairs room... Naomi's old room which I took over and redecorated the hour she left home.

...It takes a lot of courage to make a room just as you like it... and not worry one bit what your neighbors or friends (or fellow bloggers) will think. Probably most people I know don't have that kind of courage--always in their words and in their decorating are thoughts of how other people will respond to (and rave about) their new rooms.

My favorite decorators--my favorite people--are those who live closely to God's heart... They are the ones who've accepted their own uniqueness--and that of others--and are not always jumping back in the box, afraid. Instead, they think outside the box, dream outside the box, and are always celebrating something... for truly, there is always something to celebrate... and always something uniquely ours--and God's-- to express.

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