Thursday, July 27, 2006

Becoming More Sunflowerish

I sat in our backyard tonight in air so heavy I could almost see it. I looked at our tallest sunflower and marveled at how my life changed when I became like a sunflower twelve years ago.

I mean, sunflowers crane their necks and follow the sun with their face all day long and then rest in one place at night.

And, well, as I sat in the yard and stared at the sunflower,I thought, "For the last twelve years I've tried to be like a sunflower--and finally, God was able to start making me more like Him."

Instead of wildly looking through books and blogs and tapes and lessons about how to become more like Jesus, I've found I change more when I turn my face toward the Son and let Him change me. Instead of feeling so much pressure to become kinder and more forgiving, generous and bold, I put the pressure on the Son and remind Him I am just--when all is said and done--but dust. I remind Him it takes Him to make me like Him--and He likes to be reminded...

And it still amazes me when He simply says, "Come here. Sit down beside me awhile and I will change you... my presence will change you... Sit still and you'll hear my wisdom. Sit quietly and you will never be the same."

And even after all those hours sitting and leaning against His sleeve, it amazes me that I sometimes forget and walk around trying...trying... trying... to be good like He is good. And then He is the one doing the reminding-- "Debra! Quit trying so hard. Even if you could become good on your own, it would never be good enough."

Only He is good enough.
Only what is from Him is good enough.
Only what He does through me is good enough.

And so I pray to become more sunflowerish--always with my face following the Son during the day and completely at rest, sweet rest, at night.

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xalter said...

hi debra,
what a great story,
i like sunflowers,
because i have no garden, i have planted a few artificial ones in pots outside on the balcony, they look great and i can enjoy them all year long,
after reading this story it makes me realise it must have been Gods idea,
your blog is very encouraging and uplifting, thank you