Wednesday, July 05, 2006

The Gift of Relaxing

Being a non-conformist, I created a framed Valentine collage yesterday on the 4th of July. And I was alone for 12 hours while I pictured the whole Country celebrating in huge family groups in backyards draped in red, white and blue. But I was ok with that. More than ok, truthfully--at times, I asked that Time slow down. Years past, that's the last thing I would have asked for while alone on a holiday.

How good Life becomes when I accept the gift of relaxing. It sure beats choosing to be uptight... believing things must be A Certain Way ... and making myself (and my family) crazy when things aren't perfect (are they ever really?).

How good Life feels when I can walk around my house barefooted on oak floors, contented, enjoying the moment, gazing out windows or reading a book upon the front porch--and meditating upon just how good God is... making memories out of the simplest, wispiest things around and basking in God-breathed peace at His custom-designed pace.

How much better to live close to God's peaceful heart... His "peace be still"... joy unspeakable and full of glory... and "be of good cheer" ... How good to be led by His voice instead of being driven by jammed-up, crowded thoughts inside my head:

"... hurry and get the laundry done..."
"... you still haven't written those emails..."
"... if only you had more money, more time and more will power..."
"... if only people would act the way you want them to..."
"... so much is going wrong right now... I can't take this stress..."
"... hurry and exercise so you can get to work..."
"... hurry before the store closes... hurry, hurry, hurry..."

How good to understand that 'relax' is so not a synonym for 'be lazy.' But rather, that it's a healthy heart condition and a product of the deepest trust.

How much better to be led by peace, by wisdom, by the voice of One who knows much better than I do what is up the road and what needs to be done at this moment (or left alone) so that I'll be in just the right place down that road, at just the right time, led by just the right hand of just the right Person...

...and enjoying the whole, long trip walking beside Him... leaning close, listening, laughing...

"Are you being driven? Or are you being led?" ... Ron Marrujo

"... because those who are led by the Spirit of God are sons of God." ... Romans 8:14

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