Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Of Blog Anniversaries and Flying Sparks

"As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another." ... Proverbs 27:17

As of today, I've lived and written in Blogland for two whole years. And what a fun neighborhood... with kindred spirits as your next door neighbors and the most creative people you ever met living just down the street... and keeping a bloglist like an address book... and visiting the people, the friends in that address book anytime you wish--dark, early morning or late, late at night. Rather like being able to call your favorite friend without bothering her no matter what the hour or day... and never finding her too busy for you.

Bliss, most of it.

And yet, for me, there has been that 'iron sharpening iron' thing. But then, it has followed me my entire life.

I pray to be used by God and well, truthfully? I'm not always thrilled with the way He uses me. Oh yes, lots of times I love what He does through me. But not always. Sometimes I've walked away feeling used--and not in a good way, either. And stepping away, I've recalled that, always, that's the chance I must take when I pray for God to use me.

For you see, God often uses me like the aforementioned iron. He'll give me something I'm totally at peace about doing, and then He'll have me do that thing, blithely, in front of people who have always done that thing a different way... people who believe there's only One Way To Do And See Everything... who try to shut God inside tiny boxes (but don't realize it)...people who think old, old traditions are the only safe, God-honored way to go...

...people who view the Bible and church and Life through just one pair of glasses and those who have God all figured-out, down to the time He eats His breakfast cereal each morning...

...and God has often sat me right in the middle of those kinds of people ...and oh... the fireworks at first! All those sparks just flying off that meeting of iron... lighting up the sky and often striking the skin with streaking, hot darts.

But then.... the times when something new gets created... when God gets released, freed from tiny boxes... and He is allowed to do a new thing---in both of us.

And that makes it worth all the sparks...

...and well, a special thanks is going out to each of you today who have stuck it out with me, with all that iron-sharpening going on and everything...

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