Monday, July 03, 2006

Rearranging Furniture On a Hot Summer Night

I think it was Sarah ban Breathnach who said rearranging furniture is to a woman what taking a vacation is to a man. Or something like that.
Of course, the vacation feeling comes after all the hard, sweaty work, especially if you're moving things around on a steamy summer day. Yesterday afternoon I rearranged part of my upstairs' office (which never cools down) and then, maybe because I'd not worn myself down to the ground yet, I rearranged a couple things in our living room/library.

And today, yes, I have that vacation feeling--as though I'm living in a different house in a different place, or at the least, the same old house with a different flavor and air.

So here are a few pictures of the changes I made... Speaking of curb finds, we rescued the black leather Ralph Lauren chair in the top photo, (no, really!), the lamp base, the peeling-green dresser, below, the leaded-glass window, and the old brown print on the dresser. The dark bookcase in the center was a yard sale find thirteen years ago... $40 maybe?

I know... I know... Lots of places don't have such incredible 'curb shopping' as our area does, but nearly all places do have yard or estate sales.

I highly recommend them.

You just have to be willing to walk past many driveways, boxes and tables crammed with boring stuff in order to find the one perfect thing you've always wanted.

And then, of course there's always Ebay. If you'd like, you can take a peek at what I won just last night... I read this woman's description and knew I just had to have one, too! Read about it here. If you dare.

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