Saturday, July 08, 2006


Yesterday I managed to fall and twist both of my ankles (which if you think about it, is a pretty clever trick).

Tom and I had returned from yard sales with lovely things I felt God placed there just for me--we even found a terrific ottoman for free on the curb. And well, I placed the ottoman on the landing of our back stairs and then, thinking I was on the last step when really I was on the second-to-last step, stepped backward without looking (don't try that at home) and came crashing down.

You never really think about gravity until you fall like that. Man, did I feel heavy!

Well, it was strange... Tom came from out of this basement office to see what the shriek and crash was all about, we chatted awhile as I sat there moaning a bit, and then, with gratitude that I felt ok and had not broken anything, I went about putting away my newly acquired treasures..... and then we took a birthday gift to my friend, Laura,....and then went to our video store and picked up lunch.

And that's about the time one ankle began hurting. And by the time we'd watched one of the movies, the other ankle began hurting, too... and well, let's just say by nightfall, to see me hobbling around my house you'd have thought I was 80 years old.

But alas, I'm still grateful that nothing was broken or even sprained and that is what I'm still thinking as I hobble about this morning on ankles quite stiff and sore (but not swollen or blue). This has been another reminder that I am not as young as I used to be... I cannot--and should not--move about so quickly without watching where I'm going and planning my steps.

I am not immortal after all. Being in my 40's has shown me that fact like no other decade has, and really, I'm ok with that. Slowing-down and paying attention is, generally, the wiser way to go, anyway.

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