Monday, July 17, 2006

Veering Away From Legalism (Again)

The nights are not even cooling down now. We go from hot to less hot and I've not been taking my walks in the mornings. And gaining back the weight I'd lost. Well, partly my excuse has been that I twisted both my ankles ten days ago, but they became near normal last Friday, so that excuse expired days ago.

So there I was this morning having my quiet time and thinking that really, I should be outside this minute, instead, taking my walk or pulling weeds in the backyard. But this nagging voice said, "Now, Debra.... you must have your quiet time first before all that! Must... must.... must...."

But after that strict voice, came a gentler, quieter voice. "You're going legalistic on Me again. I am flexible.... I know about summer... and I know you inside and out--how you are physically unable to stand the heat and humidity... how you can only do your housework and errands early morning or late evening. I'm not a tyrant. So you can move your quiet time to the stillest, most restful part of the day and I will be ok with that... especially if you consciously bring Me with you wherever the hours before or after take you."

What a relief.

And I am trying not to lecture myself that, once again, I ventured over into a land of legalism, a place I try never to go to because God doesn't hang-out there. Instead, He goes where there's movement and freshness and learning and growing and changing--and the challenge becomes for me to keep up with Him...move when He moves... stand still when He stands still. And wherever He is, that's exactly where I want to be, too.

Many people say that God does not make sense. Really? Most of my days in this house and in my life I find He is the only thing who makes any sense at all. It's too often what everybody says about God that makes no sense... words which just may be a million miles away from the way He really is.

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