Monday, July 03, 2006

4th of July Eve

You know how this blog is supposed to be for people who love all things old-fashioned? Well, if that's you, then this post is for you...

Remember that tiny-town-which-time-forgot, the one with the park on the lake which Tom and I consider ours since almost no one is ever there? Well, here is what will be going on there tomorrow... Tom has to work Tuesday (drats), otherwise, being the Time Travelers which we are, we would have driven the 25 miles backward in Time to see this:

Patriot’s Parade
Tuesday, Noon
Starting at the Visitor Information Center, kids march in this patriotic parade with theme colors of red, white and blue. Decorate your bicycle and wagon or just join in and march. American flags and prizes for all. Feel the patriotism and real pride this 4th of July. This year's parade ends at the Carousel Park with a ride on the carousel. Free admission. Outdoor event. Sponsored by the Town of ___ Tourism Committee and ____ Beach.

I don't know about you, but it comforts me somehow that old-fashioned things like that still happen in little towns across our Country. It's like talking in nostalgic tones with sentences beginning with, "Remember when.....?", but instead of speaking about decades long-gone forever, you're only speaking of last week or last year.

Or something like that.

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