Friday, July 14, 2006

If You Can't Afford to Buy A House...

... This is a commercial of sorts.

During this whole latest ordeal in my life, I grudgingly looked-up foreclosure homes online in the area where Tom is considering moving. We were both amazed that in a city where the typical one-bedroom house goes for over $300,000, there were many incredible deals on the foreclosure market. We found page after page of 3 bedroom, two bath houses going for $25,000 to $120,000 and beyond.

I just wanted to mention this to encourage those of you who wrote in my comment box that you'd never be able to afford a home in your expensive area... You just might be able to after all! At the least, it's worth checking-out.

Of course, you just don't breeze in and poof! buy a foreclosed home easy as pie. There are always details and complications and considerations to make--but then, there always are when you buy any home. (Don't forget the ol' "Location, location, location," thing, either.)

Tom and I have looked at a few foreclosure homes in our area throughout the years and have been amazed at the great deals we've discovered. It just seemed they were always a bit too far from his job for us to consider, (winter travel being the wild ride it is...) otherwise we just may have bought one along the way.

If you're curious about the foreclosure homes in your own area, you can go to , check the foreclosure box and plug in the name of your city. And I do realize that some people might have a moral objection to buying homes which families lost for a variety of reasons--I do respect that, of course...

... but loving to encourage people as I do, I wanted to share this information for someone--anyone--who may have long ago lost hope of ever being able to own their own home. Always, there is hope.

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Adele Josephs said...

Yes, I do agree. It is very important to consider the location when looking for a home. You have made the right choice. Great discoveries.