Friday, April 17, 2015

The Reader's Digest Condensed Version of My Blog :)

It's here!

My condensed version of As I See It Now, The First Seven Years, that is. Though thankfully, its title is better than that:

Lessons Learned in Old Houses

I'll continue to edit that thing probably till I die (and I've not made certain the few links work), but still, it's out there now for you to read, if you wish.  And feel free to send the link to anyone you think might enjoy a peek at my life at Autumn Cottage and The Apartment and our Healing Acres Farm.

And for those of you who've, over the years, asked that I write a book, Lessons Learned in Old Houses is especially for you. Thank-you, much, for your encouragement.

So rather than blather on here, I'll let you visit that new-ish land of houses and lessons learned. Let me know what you think, ok?



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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

A Book Recommendation and Something to Consider

Wow. Need something life-changing to meditate upon? Try this:

My, my, my. Kinda says it all, right?

I've not been able to shake those words since yesterday. 


Drum roll.... 

My new 'book blog' will be available Friday! It even has an inspired title--another way of saying it must have been God's idea, certainly not mine. (You're gonna like that title.)

But oh dear-- all the looking back. I'm not a fan of that, for I'd rather gaze ahead. It's been rough, but you are worth it.  :)

And all that editing! Frankly I've been disgusted with myself that I was ever such a sloppy writer. (All those stupid ellipses! Eegads. I even knew they were wrong, but didn't know how to avoid them. They were like a disease.). But I'm determined not to let my feelings dictate what move I make next, but rather, God.

Anyway, even in the midst of my discouragement with myself, I've felt Grace all over this huge project. So it must be what God wants, otherwise, I'd have bailed out last week. 

So all is (mostly) well.


My copy of The Gift of An Ordinary Day arrived today and wow, the timing! Tom and I were having some financial complications (long story, but everything's ok--or will be. Can you believe we had our taxes done today? But that was the easy part.) 

I so needed a good book--and it appeared inside my mailbox on just the perfect day.

She speaks much of preparing for the empty nest (in case you are there) and I'm especially enjoying the parts after they move from their first house. Oh dear!   (Thanks, Pam, for recommending Katrina!)


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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

You Can Keep Your Vacation Hot Spot

"But be glad and rejoice forever in that which I create..."   ... Isaiah 65:18


Oh, dream-come-true Sunday afternoon! That's when Spring officially arrived where I live and we all got outside and puttered and played.

In 62 sunny degrees, for the first time this year, I did my famous sit-down-gardening and cleared most of the sunny-side-of-the-house flower bed of leaves and twigs (I belong to the 'leave them over the winter to leach good nutrients into the soil' school), taking breaks by reading this delightful book for the first time:

... at my wicker chair which I moved from the shady front porch to the bright sidewalk so I could watch the daylilies, forget-me-nots and daisy stems grow. I'd peeled off one sweater top and the temperature felt perfect in my remaining one and I spent the afternoon out there, blissfully.

Springtime and all your promises! You're a most welcomed sight, especially this year and you've pushed away all my dreams of Hawaii and Myrtle Beach for you are more than enough. I'd just needed to remember and breathe and feel you.

                                   Just another beginning....


My tiny rosebushes didn't survive our hairy, wild winter, but my 'wedding plant' did, in all its many pots:

I call it that because Naomi attended a wedding during one of her Hobbit Cottage visits and gave me this plant which she'd received. It spreads like wildfire and always makes me smile with the memory which is Naomi.

Some people believe wedding reception gifts to attendees should be banned and the money used more wisely, instead. 

Call me Extravagant Ellie, but I disagree. 

If a bride wishes to leave her guests with little mementos of her most special day, she should do so without guilt. Giving is a godly gesture! It need not be expensive either--those 'wedding plants'? Most likely they cost less than $50, for all they required was a couple bags of soil, little wedding Dixie cups and ribbon. The plants, (given their wildfire-spreading tendencies), were probably free from someones yard. I can just see women gathering together, enjoying creating these tiny pots.

Besides, weddings in Bible days? Oh my, talk about your lavish affairs--they lasted a week and no one talked about sending money someplace else, instead. Jesus, Himself, even provided more wine at one of them.

What I've seen? We who are in our 50's and older need to be oh so careful that we age sweetly, for the easy tendency is to become a critic (I've watched it happen). It's too simple to pooh-pooh others' new ideas just because they aren't our old ones and to so revere our opinions that they become equal to Gospel inside our brains.

In fact, if you ever become horrified because I've turned into a critical old lady, you have my permission to just. shoot. me.  

Or you can bookmark this post and then remind me of what I wrote here. That might be better. :)


Weddings are important because they celebrate life and possibility.

...   Anne Hathaway

“Most people are other people. Their thoughts are someone else's opinions, their lives a mimicry, their passions a quotation.” 
― Oscar Wilde

"Rejoice with those who rejoice..."   .... Romans 12:15


My new 'book blog' is nearly finished! Stay tuned--there's still so much editing to do because, especially when I began As I See It Now, I was like Chatty Cathy Gone Nuclear. Oh dear. I confess it's discouraged me a bit. Alas.


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