Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Of Blogging Kindred Spirits

Tom and Naomi went online two years before I did. Those were back in the days when I believed the modern online world was certainly not for me.... back when I made assumptions based on what other people told me... when I made up my mind without checking out the facts... when I ran with a tiny bit of information and pretended I'd heard it all. And missed-out on who-knows-how-many delightful things.

But then I got some sense.

I went online for myself and found more kindred spirits in one year than I'd found in the previous 40.

And everything changed. I stopped thinking of myself as a, well, freak of nature and the only person left on Earth who actually respected June Cleaver, enjoyed being a homemaker and wearing aprons, and who took notes from old 1930's woman's magazines while humming along to Big Band tunes.

I'd always been like that. Even as a child I was out of kilter with friends from school, church, the neighborhood and even my own family. Only rarely (rarely!) would I find someone a little bit like me. Most times, people shook their heads or gave me lectures about how I, really, should become more like everyone else, even throwing in Bible verses to prove their point.

And well, just about the time I'd begun to believe I was a lone nut case crying in the wilderness, that's when I went online. And that's when I found many, many other nut cases just like myself. There are thousands and thousands of us here in Blogland and if others look upon us like poor, misguided souls, well, that's all right. At least we have found each other. At least we are happy in our own little retro world.

Yesterday, thanks to MN, I found yet another nut--, uh, kindred spirit. She is Amy and she lives on Petticoat Lane in Blogland. Her post/essay, Modern Retro Housewives made my heart sing and dance and even more free to be the Retro Housewife I really, really am.

And for those of you dear kindred spirits who visit with me here in my retro Blogland home, I just had to share Modern Retro Housewives with you. After all, the best things in life are meant to be shared, especially with ones friends.

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