Saturday, October 21, 2006

A Bit More Normal

Today is feeling more normal for me... I am sure your prayers have had a good effect...thanks!

While still in my robe this morning, I rearranged my tower room and this picture shows my favorite corner. I'm not certain I'm crazy about the rest of the room, but I do know I like this part.

Last Tuesday, Tom and I began watching the movie, Waking Up Wally, and we finished watching it today. We both loved it-- extremely. It's the true story about Walter (Wally)Gretzky, father of hockey great, Wayne Gretzky. In the 90's he suffered a stroke and this movie is taken from his book about his long road back... or rather, the new road he has had to pave following the stroke. Tom and I cried (in a good way) through the whole thing and we both give it thumbs up--way up! There's some language (which our TV Guardian was unable to remove), but the rest of it is purely inspiring stuff, enough to nudge anyone forward who may be feeling sorry for themselves.

Tom McCamus, the man who played! If I were handing out awards I'd hand him many, many. Only toward the end of the film did my brain remind me that Mr. McCamus, in real-life, did not suffer a stroke. His performance was that good, that incredible, and after reading a few reviews, it appears I'm not the only person who thought so.

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