Monday, October 09, 2006

While Strolling Through The Park Today...

... I ate my lunch inside our car at the park and then took these pictures for you. From every corner, our town looks like it is all dressed-up for a party...

And isn't this cool? It's our old community swimming pool which was created in 1944 in memory of those who served in World War II. You enter through the doors below into a circular hall then climb the steps to the pool above. This is one busy place in the summer!
And here's the opposite side of the pool... You can kind-of see the slide at the right which was added many years later. I like the old-fashioned lifeguard chairs, especially when their umbrellas are added.
(Click to enlarge.)

Oh! I just discovered a new-to-me blogger and she has taken some amazing Autumn photos (makes mine look like kindergarten, but then, maybe if I could ever get around to reading the camera's instruction booklet, my photos might actually look like something). Anyway, prepare to have your breath taken away here!

And of course, there's PhotoJenic... I come away from her blog any time of the year and always feel as though I've taken a vacation in the great outdoors.

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