Sunday, October 29, 2006

Time For Dreams

Somewhere I read, "Sometimes the most spiritual thing you can do is to take a nap."


And similarly, sometimes the most spiritual thing I can do is take a little break from this blog. And that is what I've been doing (in case you wondered). Taking a break... coming away ... pondering things in my heart.

Probably I've thought about fifty things, one of those things being photography. For the last ten years, or so, I've toyed with the idea of learning to take pictures and well, perhaps becoming a photographer of sorts. But not until now, this year, has the time felt right to begin.

If there's anything I have learned, it's that, with God, timing is nearly everything.

In my life, nearly always He has given me dreams years before He meant me to carry them out. I believe I've seen Him do that with other people, too, especially with mothers who are smack dab in the middle of their mothering years. There they are surrounded with tiny, apron-pulling children (the dreams of earlier years?) and a huge, new dream--but almost no way to begin chipping away at that other, down-the-road dream. No, but many ways to carry out this current dream--this dream of raising children--if they'll but knock and ask and seek.

I think it's a test... Will we run ahead with the new, God-given dream, on our own, on only a far-off vision? Run impatiently, insecure in our current life? Or will we wait for God's blessing, His grace, and His way--and His timing?

I think, with God, the forming of our character to match His, well, that will always come first with Him, rather than our riding wild and undisciplined with our dreams. For, as I've repeated here before, 'our gifts can take us where our character cannot keep us.' Heaven forbid that any of us become another member of the list of shipwrecked dreamers, especially if we also dragged down a lot of other souls in our sinking.

But the other thing I've seen (over and over) is that Grace always appears when it's finally God's time for us to begin working on the dream. Grace always rides along in the vehicle of The Right Time. Frustration, though, comes when we attempt God's dreams for us too early--or too late--or when we rely, not upon Grace, but upon ourselves or other people only. Or ack! When we wander and toddle after dreams not born out of God's heart, first, for us. Dreams perhaps real for a friend, but for us, only a vapor.

Grace. Following Grace. Many years ago Tom's Dad told him never to force anything when working with tools, otherwise the tools would invariably get broken. Over and over Tom has repeated that advice to me when he's caught me frustrated and trying to yank and force tools and batteries and hammers and nails to fit or work or twist when they were created to work certain, different ways--not the ways I was failing at forcing them to work.

And well, dreams are like that.

There's a time, a birth, for each dream... a time to grow and mature while we wait for the birth...then times to work just a little or times to work and accomplish much...times to ask for help and times to work alone... times to sit back and meditate about what to do next, and times to jump in and swim for all we are worth. But heaven help us if we get the times all mixed-up!


"My times are in Your hands..." Psalm 31:15

"Where there is no vision, the people perish..." ... Proverbs 29:18

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