Thursday, October 05, 2006

When Seeds Sprout In Unexpected Places

"Do not be deceived; God is not mocked: for whatever a man sows, that will he also reap." ... Galations 6:7

Sitting in my tower room this morning while watching the clouds saunter past the windows, this is what I thought:

Nearly always I only get out of a thing what I first put into it.

I belong to a few listservs and the ones I actually contribute to are the ones I enjoy the most.

When I put a lot into my blog (time, prayer, thought), I get a lot out of it.

When I leave comments at other peoples' blogs I tend to receive more comments at my own.

And when I sow sweet things into peoples' lives, I reap sweet things in my own life... Yet not always directly from those same people. No, but God sees to it that somebody, somewhere, blesses me back.

That's the kind of God He is.

When I become lazy, self-centered and selfish I reap things, too--negative things. Dull things. I dig deep pits for myself when I try reaping big things without sowing anything first... because usually I accuse others of being faulty, when actually, I, myself was the faulty one.

It all becomes rather like reaching for an invisible apple from an invisible tree--one I never planted in the first place.

This sowing and reaping thing does work! It just doesn't always work the exact way I expect... or the way I had it all planned out.

Sometimes I'm reaping nothing because I sowed nothing first--and I'm not even realizing what's happening. Other times, the blessings hit me from a totally different direction than the place where I planted seeds... the place where I stood, staring, expecting plants to rise.

What I need to remember is that, ultimately, God keeps track of it all and He knows exactly what He's doing. Each of my blessings come from God and He is always, always, full of surprises. And just when I think I have Him all figured out, He will shake things up a bit, move things around, just to keep me guessing--curious--and seeking Him with my whole heart.

And therefore reaping the very best things of all.

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