Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The Lessons of Waiting

I used to hate to wait for pretty much anything...sometimes I still hate to wait for certain things. But waiting is a Good Thing.

I learn lessons while I wait.

Probably the list of lessons would fill both sides of a page, but here is one lesson:

While I am waiting, I learn whether I really want what I believe I want--or not.

Lightweight example 1: When I bid on books or jade-ite or aprons on Ebay, I never, ever actually place my bid on Ebay, itself. No, instead, I place my bid for the item through Auctionsniper.com. Why? Often while I'm waiting for the auction to close, I change my mind (no, really!). I realize I no longer want that book, that piece of jade-ite after all. Or I find the item cheaper someplace else. And well, it's a breeze to change your mind at Auctionsniper--you just use your cute little index finger to push the delete button. Change your mind at Ebay, and well, good luck!

Waiting gives me time to decide what it is I really want, helping me to make right choices and save money and time. Lightweight example 2: I keep a wish list at Amazon.com and do you know what? I'm surprised at how often I delete books and cd's from my wish list after a few weeks have passed. Or it amazes me that some items remain on my wish list month after month because I chose to buy something else with my monthly allowance instead. When something lingers on my wish list for a couple years, it's a sign, for me anyway, that it's not exactly a dream-come-true item.

Just tiny examples, I know... and there are many, many more lessons one gains during the waiting process we so often despise. But God knew what He was doing when he invented waiting.... He knew the wisdom of it... He knew if we got everything we wanted when we wanted it we'd not really appreciate anything. And well, our lives would be crowded--crowded with things and people and troubles we wanted on a whim or thought we'd die without...

...weighted down with mistakes and junk instead of walking light and free with the One who knows us like the proverbial book. He has a plan for each of us, a plan too important to be pushed back a few years because of moods and whims and flights of fancy.

"For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also." ...Matthew 6:21

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