Thursday, November 02, 2006

Dental Thoughts

Went and had my teeth cleaned this morning.

Two words come to mind: Horrible Nightmare.


Sadly, I inherited problem teeth. When the hygienist, during my last cleaning 6 months ago, told me my teeth and gums looked great, well, I nearly fainted. No one in the dental profession had ever said such words to me. Must have been the fact that I've faithfully, daily been taking 2,000 mg.'s of vitamin C, I thought.

Well, Vitamin C performed no miracles for me these past 6 months... three of my teeth had chipped and I knew I'd be in for trouble my next dental 'visit' (a word with way too much of a positive spin on it, if you ask me). As fate would have it, I drove into the parking lot and saw not a single other car there this morning and alas! I wished with all my heart there'd be a note on the door saying, "Doctor ____ had an emergency. Call us later for an appointment."

No such luck. There was no such note.

My so-called 'visit' was bad. Really bad.

But it was funny, too. I mean, yesterday I received an email from a friend, a 'forward' where you answer questions about yourself so your friends will know you better. One of the questions was, "Name four places you would rather be right now."

And well, yesterday I could not think of one single place. I thought only how much I love living where I do inside this house which always needs work of some kind.

But today in that dentist's chair, while the hygienist filed and sawed and poked and jammed her fingers around in my mouth, well, suddenly I could think of 400,000 places I'd rather be!

Places like Hawaii, Prince Edward Island, and New England... endless places like those.

But as more of the sawing and filing and jamming (and lecturing) went on, other places came to mind. Suddenly I thought, hey! This is so bad that I'd rather even be in a blessed traffic jam right now.... or in a supermarket line so long I'd question whether I'd ever get home..... or in a nice, sweltering heat wave with no air-conditioning for miles around.

But oh well, I made it out alive (just barely), even after the extra x-rays she forced me to have so she could show them to the dentist (who was on vacation. Probably in Hawaii.) He's going to call me if there's a problem. (I could tell the hygienist thinks he'll be calling me the minute he gets back.)

But now it's later.... and I've had some nice coffee and tater tots (the ultimate comfort food) and I can think straight. In fact, I can remind myself there are people who would give anything if their only medical problem was annoying, chipping teeth. There are people in doctor's offices and even on operating tables right this moment who probably think I am the most blessed person alive.

I would have to agree with them.

And may I be wise enough to keep all these things in their right perspective.


Bill Stewart said...

I know what you mean. I have always dreaded going to the dentist. I have found there is good dental work in Waynesboro, PA though.

Eunice Greer said...

Deborah, I definitely know what you are going through! Dentist visits are definitely not my cup of tea either. In fact, I too have to indulge in a series of various comfort meals and activities after a dentist visit. I did finally find a dentist that has a more careful and kind approach and now my fears have subsided quite a bit.

Eunice Greer @ Downtown Dental SC