Monday, October 23, 2006

Walking Into a New Season

"To whom much is given, much will be required and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked." Luke 12:48

Sometimes I don't feel quite right... restless... like something is wrong, but I'm not quite sure what it is.... Oh, not shaken and depressed or anything, just unsettled... unsure of what's missing... to the point where my peace just isn't what it once was.

For me, usually that means a whole new season is coming. Perhaps, it's even here.

And that sounds exciting when I write it down like that, but usually a new season means deeper humility (ever been humbled by God?)... and new areas of obedience, ones where it appears I can no longer get away with anything, not if I want to walk in contentment, peace and joy on normal days.

To step up higher, first I must always walk down lower... into deeper places of humility, obedience, forgiveness, openness and courage. Places which, well, one would never call fun.

That is, I must go to those deeper places if I want to keep growing. Always the choice is mine. It's these choices God gives me which throw me sometimes... all this freedom to do my own thing or His. The way He never forces me to do anything, but always invites me, instead.

But it's the peace which comes only from obedience which helps me choose His ways... and the history I have with Him--the remembering how good Life becomes when I set down the baggage of my bright ideas--shed my own ways like a snake's skin-- and pick up His ways, instead. And move on, more free, more confidently down the road.

I've had that restless feeling lately... and rather than panic or question or wallow in a confusing sense of guilt, I'm just becoming more quiet... and turning my eyes in only One direction, rather than many. Keeping my ears turned to One source, rather than to all the loud, varying voices out there telling me what I should do.

When there's a changing of seasons, the worst thing I can do is to make a wrong turn... or refuse to budge... or try going only where I have gone before. What I have done before will no longer work in this new season. That's the whole point.

No, there are new things to learn... old ways to shed... new ways to become... and there's only One Person who can lead me through all of that.... Only One Person who can initiate the journey in the first place. And all that's left is for me to cooperate.

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