Sunday, October 01, 2006

A Prayer Reminder

Here is a better picture of my nephew, Michael. (He wasn't too crazy about the first picture I posted. I know how that goes...I'm never too crazy about any pictures of me.) He's seen here with his wife, Stephanie and their two little boys this past May.

Michael is in the Army National Guard and is still over in Afghanistan... and we still would appreciate, so much, your prayers for his safety. Thanks!

Just two days ago we had a reminder about the importance of prayer... Each day I pray for Naomi's safety and well, she came over here on Friday and then, afterward, called us and said she'd nearly escaped an accident. If I understand correctly, someone was driving in the wrong lane (turns out she had passed-out at the wheel) and heading straight for Naomi, but she was able to swerve and miss the car. The semi truck behind Naomi swerved and missed the car, too. But the jeep behind the semi wasn't able to see the car coming toward him and hit him pretty much head-on. And then a van hit the jeep. Ack... Naomi was shaken-up by it all, but stayed around to speak to the police afterward... and I don't believe anyone was hurt too badly. The speed limit on that road is 40 m.p.h....

Anyway, it was absolutely another reminder to always pray...

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