Wednesday, October 11, 2006

When I Just Enjoy God

When I just enjoy God--

I don't impatiently want things and stuff--
I feel like I have all I need,
(I just want more of Him).

I feel calm (or excited),
Life feels great--
The future looks bright
(Because there'll be more time with Him).

When I just enjoy God--

The day feels wonderful
(Even though nothing much is happening).
I feel love toward others
(Even if they're not exactly loving me back).

I feel anticipation, optimism
Because I feel connected to the One
Who has everything under control--
And my room becomes a cathedral.

When I just enjoy God--

It's like the sun shines on cloudy days,
Any ordinary day can feel like Christmas morning,
Walking around the block feels like freedom
And Peace accompanies me wherever I may go.

When I just enjoy God.

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