Wednesday, October 25, 2006

In Front of the Candles

Bundled up in my long black coat and on my way out for an icy-cold walk yesterday, I found a card from my good friend, Wilma, inside my mailbox. I ripped it open and laughed right out there in front of my house. I couldn't believe how much this picture resembled me sitting in front of those 15 candles in our fireplace during those three days of no electricity and no heat!

Well, me as I see myself inside my head--always looking twenty years younger than I look in real-life.

Anyone else ever do that? And then shock yourself when you actually look into a mirror?

I guess that's just one reason why it needs to be "well with my soul". So that no matter how much I change on the outside, things on the inside will remain unshaken, at peace and confident--in God. Basing how I feel about myself upon such a changeable thing as how I look--a risky business, indeed, one not endorsed by the Creator.

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