Tuesday, October 24, 2006

My Rebellious Side

You probably think I'm some sweet, complacent--nice--person.


I can be very rebellious. In fact, being rebellious even makes me smile--at times.

Just how rebellious can I get?

I have a dishwasher, but I never, ever use it. And I even use a natural, toxin-free laundry detergent to wash my dishes.

I sometimes watch Dr. Phil (deal with it) and Oprah even though many of my friends would rather die than watch them.

I'm approaching 50, but I'm growing my hair long anyway. It's about halfway down my back right now and I like it that way.

I do not like parties or potlucks or most situations where there is only small talk and big, noisy crowds (and I will make excuses to avoid them). Exceptions would be the baseball games at our nearby stadium and estate sales (where, even though I love walking through old houses, I will still slip away early if people stand close and start breathing down my neck).

Sometimes in emails or in this blog I tell people how I feel about certain things, even though I know darn well I'm going to offend some of them.

I don't let people talk me into things I don't want to, or feel I shouldn't, do. I've nearly always been good at saying 'no.'

I moved to New York with my husband and daughter even though no one else thought we should (and have proceeded to have the time of my life for 13 years).

I raised my daughter differently than the way I, myself, was raised.

I am decorating my house with old furnishings even though most people I know prefer new stuff.

I read tons of kids' lit. even though most of my friends stick to adult books. I have never, ever regretted dropping out of college.

I wear aprons nearly every day. For many years I wore only dresses, no slacks. (But now I wear both.)

Sometimes I eat an apple without washing it first.

My, my.... I'll bet you never thought I was such a rebellious woman now, did you?

Actually, some of these things are humorous, but you'd be surprised at how many controlling, er, people I have irked by being the way I am. Many of these things about me have been known to make other people, well, crazy.

Oh well. If we really want to be used by God, sometimes He will use us to show others what is inside their own hearts just by being who we are (usually without even saying anything). (Will they judge us? Will they gossip? Will they toss us aside because we're different?) We don't have to like being used that way... we just have to be willing to allow God to do whatever it takes to get the job done... even if it means we are misunderstood in the process.

Sometimes, that's just Life.

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