Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Bowl And Moving On

Five or more years ago I fell in love with a bowl. It appeared in a Mary Englebeit magazine and I was charmed at first sight. At an antique shop sometime later I saw one with a price greater than I wished to pay, but yesterday! Yesterday at a yard sale I found this one for just $2. The only thing I bought all day, but it was enough. More than.

Now, lest your eyes keep bulging at the $2 price tag, here is a major reason for it:
But what's a chip when you love something? And how hard does it become to turn a chip toward the wall? :)

Well, anyway, such a lovely gift from God yesterday, one with much thoughtfulness poured into it to cheer me a bit. This weekend was rough, what with the death of my friend, yet still I walk on (limping a bit) and still God is good.

Busy times down on the farm! Our favorite real estate agent will come next week (she's a delight. We've kept in touch these three years.), so in the meantime we declutter and pack stuff no longer meaningful into boxes which we'll have a clean-up company pick up. Sounds easier than making a ton of trips to Salvation Army as we did in 2007 when SA stood just down the street. It's a much longer drive now and with the price of gas(!) and the value of our time, etc., well, this will be a better deal all-around.

And really? My heart has moved on. Already it lives in another place and loves it there. Where? I don't even know, but it's no longer here--I do know that. Remember how, before we moved from the suburbs I felt twinges of claustrophobia when I'd drive past houses so squeezed together? And how I longed for wide-open country spaces? Well, this weekend as we drove through the countryside I gazed out the car window at everyone's rolling acres of lawns and felt twinges of overwhelmingness. It was all too much, well, work. Too much to care for, too much time and committment involved, just too much of everything to keep those rolling acres mowed and beautiful. Which is fine if you are called to it, but now I hear callings from a place of smaller yards and different committments.

And I knew way past any doubts that this is a major signal. It is so time for me to move on, to locate the next phase of Tom's and my life together. And perhaps that lovely blue bowl was actually a going-away gift from God, a gift to show me all will be well if I'm willing to wait for His leading to just the right place, the place where my heart awaits me.


"You must always be true to your own heart or you will never, ever be happy." ... Joyce Meyer


Ahhh.... Did my heart much good to watch this youtube video this morning. Mount Airy is still in the running as far as our move goes! :)


Odie Langley said...

Amazing how times can change the way we think about "things" and it's importance. Hope your week has started out great.

Anonymous said...

Lovely find!! I have been looking for a long time now, for a crockery bowl like I used to make cookies in with my Grandmother (who taught me as much as anyone about making especially pies, cookies, cakes etc.) I did find a smaller one, in a different color for $3 at a thrift shop last year. Made my day...so I know how you feel. I have told my hubby that if I EVER see one just like my Grandma had, I will be getting it!! I was her only granddaughter...but nearly all their household goods were long gone before my dad finally passed on...and who knows where such treasure ended up. (My brother kept a sharp eye out while getting rid of the stuff still left...nope, tis gone). Well, at least I have the memories Grandma and I made!! No one takes those away!!

Blessings on your search...we fast approach out time of change too.
Elizabeth in NC