Monday, May 09, 2011

Winter, Being So Very Over...

Oh, are you celebrating?

Our days shine with sun and 60 perfect-for-working degrees and I sit upon the concrete of our patio and plant seeds into pots, labeling plastic spoons, then rising, I sweep dirt away, dancing with my broom to the 1940's songs from the radio in the garage.

And with snacks and books at the patio table I keep gazing, turning here, there, staring at crowds of trees, watching them greening ever so slowly, not wanting to miss one moment. When I reach Heaven God just may ask, "Did you see the Spring I colored for you? Really see it?"

Or did I see only problems, imperfections, slights?

Oh, this time of year! Work does not feel like work, no, it feels like winter dreams coming true. The planting with sunshine upon my back and frog song and geese landing from the sky. Pink blossoms floating down from the magnolia tree, the privilege of dropping into a wicker chair with tired bones and sun upon my grateful face. Inhaling heady new-leaf scents till I'm tipsy, lulling myself into a near-nap beneath all the magic.

Ah Spring! It's not extra money. Not a raise in position, nor singing or teaching before crowds nor appreciation. Not exotic vacations like our friends take, not winning groceries for a year nor a bigger house or a college diploma. It's a God kind of gift, though, invisible to some, yet I am determined to pull back any curtain so to examine every inch of it so all my answers in Heaven will be a resounding, "Yes!" ...


Odie Langley said...

You are so right Debra. I am amazed by all the new growth I see and some of it has been beautiful beyond words. I love it too.

Anonymous said...

Today I spent almost four hours driving through 200-plus miles of solid GREEN! Southern Illinois and Indiana are packed with trees and grass underneath. The only other color was the mirror-gray of the flooded fields. Soon they will be green as well with corn and other grains.
I feel the same - what a beautiful gift from You-Know-Who. :)