Saturday, May 21, 2011

Annoying Ol' Transition

Usually I know what God wants me to do. You know, like where to live and how to fill my days and how to use my talents to bless others, etc. Or usually I think I know, anyway. heh. :)

But sometimes? Sometimes it suddenly feels like what once worked, isn't working anymore. Like Life feels one-dimensional, not as good as before and as though something is missing--but I just can't find that certain something.

And generally, (for me, anyway), that means I'm in transition. It means God has something new ahead for me, something He's been preparing me to handle and slip into. And oh! It's nearly always a happy day when I discover just what He's got in mind. When I discover that missing thing, that 'hidden ministry', and start splashing around it.

But oh dear.... the time until I get there! Meantimes can be uncomfortable, sticky, messy and a downright challenge to my sanity.

That is, when I fail to wait in the special Meantime Rest which He provides. In that rest, there is a calmness, a knowing that soon! He'll show me the missing piece. Soon, I'll discover what I need to know, where I need to go and what more I must do to be prepared when I get there.

But in the meantime? I just do the things I'm certain I should be doing. Like, although I currently feel totally immersed in a time of transition, I do know God wants me to write in this blog. So I'll keep doing that.

And I know He wants me to encourage people at Facebook and through emails--so I'll continue those things. I'm certain He wants me to keep up with my house and yard work,too, and being kind to Tom, Naomi and others so--in the midst of all the questions about my next steps--I'll keep doing the sure things.

And since lately He's asked me to step-up my Bible study, to walk at least four miles per week and to invite more friends over, I'll work on faithfulness in those newer areas, as well.

For there's one thing I've noticed in past transformational/transitional years--it's the way faithfulness in little things leads to more faithfulness and more steps toward God's personal goals for my life.

Sitting around all paralyzed and afraid to 'miss God' and make mistakes leads, well, to Nowheresville.

So now, for me in this transitional time, I'll begin a new journey with faithfulness in the old one. And I'll remain open to new places, new days, new ministries ahead. My present journey has been amazing and I'm believing my new one over on the other side will be even better.


"His master replied, 'Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things. Come and share your master's happiness!' ... Matthew 25:23


"Sometimes you just have to step out to find out." ... Joyce Meyer


Rita said...

This is the perfect post for me. Letting me know that others out there feel the same. I will be retiring soon and need rest and to put order to my home. Have lost several friends to death and one by her choice recently. So in that way the losses are great. And yet...I have a wonderful daughter, a good home, and a strong desire to sew. My life is going to hold some hard and yet good things. I'm looking forward to it. Your blog has helped calm my restless feeling of wanting it all now instead of in the year to come. Thank you for sharing your life with us.

Anonymous said...

Seems we are usually in some sort of process in life...and for us, the changes have come rapidly and surprizingly in ways, when they have come. Someone said to me, long ago, that usually wives sense a move long before a husband does...maybe that is so we can do the necessary sorting and paring down prior?? I wonder...

Elizabeth in NC

Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

I imagine you having an Anne of Green Gables feeling, the one of excited anticipation that comes with not knowing what is ahead, just beyond the bend in the road.....Life is such a gift!

Of course none of us know that, but the being aware of it is special.

Heather 'The Forklift' Jones said...

Thank you for this post. This is like reading words from right inside my own heart. You actually made my day today. Thank you.