Monday, May 23, 2011

Ahhh... Saturday

Oh, our Saturday was the kind of day I dream about all winter.

We drove to yard sales in the countryside and then to ones back in our old hometown (even drove past our previous house for old time's sake). Everybody, everywhere was happy because it wasn't raining. Tom and I hardly bought anything, but oh! At one yard sale I found all the books, above, and for just 25 cents, each. A Scholastic Paperback fantasy find, indeed.

Here I am over 50 years old and those books still thrill my heart just as they did at age 10. I still recall being handed the latest Scholastic order forms and breathlessly reading the book descriptions then, later, bursting through the door at home, immediately begging my mom for two or three books. Then I'd count the days until my new books arrived, experiencing Christmas-like thrills when they were handed to me in an ordinary month like February.

Anyway, back here in 2011, in the middle of all the sales, Tom and I used a B1G1F coupon at Burger King then drove to the park nearby to the same spot I've parked in two-hundred times, most often alone, but many times with Tom. Oh the sunshine that day! It sparkled upon all the new green leaves and lawns as I ate my hamburger, drank my coffee and read one of my new books.

More yards sales, then an estate sale inside a basic, retro house with the most classic rumpus room in the basement with paneled walls, tiled floor, a fireplace and a bar for drinks and sodas. (You wouldn't believe how many of those we've walked through here! Never do we tire of them.) Then more driving through country roads until we arrived home where we even mowed the vast majority of the lawn, Tom on his tractor and me pushing around my trusty old lawnmower.

Yard sale days are here again.... Hooray!


The other cool thing? Henry And The Clubhouse was my one Beverly Cleary book that I needed to replace because I'd bought a cheap copy in horrible shape last year (didn't care at the time because I just wanted my own copy!). But alas, now I have a nice retro copy, instead.


Elizabeth said...

Hi Debra, I have not been on blogger in almost 2 months,so I just caught up on your blog and as usual you have inspired me!

K.E. said...

Those were some of my fondest memories with my sister, who is 5 years younger.
We would pore over the book descriptions, make her selections and wait the agonizingly long wait.
"The Wednesday Witch" was one of our favorites.
I recently found two copies on Book Mooch (free book exchange) and sent her one. She was thrilled; then we found another one for HER daughter.
Thanks for some sweet memories.