Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Just How Many Magazines Do I Really Neeeed?

So back in April I realized I'd be receiving just one more issue of Mary Jane's Farm Magazine. My subscription would end with the June/July issue.

At first, I felt sad. I'd subscribed for three years after also collecting the majority of the earliest issues when Mary Jane used to always include her catalog. But now, living in Unemployment Land, one has to rethink such purchases.

Yet almost immediately a little thought tickled my brain. It said, "Just how many issues of Mary Jane's Farm do you really neeeed anyway? Hmmm? You've got a huge stack of those magazines, some of which you've not even finished reading. Not to mention two of Mary Jane's thick books, also."

Good point, indeed.

So when my final issue arrived last week, well, I felt fine. Didn't whimper. Didn't have a single regret. I thought, "I'll just treasure that big stack of issues on our front porch, maybe even read through each one this summer."

Then I went even further. I introduced Donna and Galen to Mary Jane on Monday and sent them away with two issues of their choice.

I didn't whimper about that, either. And hey, you've gotta know how much I adore these magazines in order to get my point, which is, it feels so very good to keep your heart free from the Greedy Graspies. Life becomes more exciting, more fun in the flow---the flow of receiving and giving away what you've received. And knowing when to do each.

So. No more Mary Jane for now. But I'll be fine--better than fine, actually. God is good.


Now, some of you sweethearts will be tempted to buy me a subscription to Mary Jane's Farm, but please (pretty please!) don't do that, ok? I really do feel God wants to show me I can live easily and happily without the latest issue. :)

(But thanks for thinking of doing that for me!)



Odie Langley said...

I used to be that way over National Geographics and have a huge collection but no longer subscribe. Am feeling much better about that too.

Pat said...

I'm with you! I used to receive a lot of decorating and home magazines. They would offer a very low subscription rate as an incentive and I always signed up! They were going unread or partially read and I began to feel very wasteful. Little by little the subscriptions are up for renewal, but I'm not renewing. Less clutter too!

Judy said...

Well, I'm not where you are.
But a GOOD sign that I am on my way is that I let the grandkids rip, punch, and cut some of my magazines. They made the CUTEST EVER flowers out of them. I figure that if we 'ruined' one magazine a day it would still take years before my hoard would run out.

Anonymous said...

Have you noticed how some of the women's magazines have the same articles every year. I mean they all naturally talk about weight loss in January and such. I got a few old ones and they are 10 years old and they could be todays issues! :) Also the country decorating ones which I love, run the same pictures through the years...even exact same cover photos! I stopped my subscriptions too but do pick up ones used for 10 cents off and on. Yes it is a freeing feeling when we give bags of things away we used to think we would keep forever.I think decluttering is like an onion. You peel it one layer at a time. But it is sure more fun seeing someone else enjoy the things you give them isn't it!! Sarah

Anonymous said...

I can definitely identify with this post. I struggle with addiction to magazines so badly. I just recently went through the same thing when a magazine's last issue came last week. We can do this!

Retired Knitter said...

Hi, I just found your blog from one of your followers.

Your comments about magazines just tickled me. I am a knitter. I get about 4 subscriptions to knitting magazines. Down from 9 or 10. I had many feet and stacks of these from previous years. Two years ago I went through them a final time. I pulled out what I wanted and put it in binders. Gave away the magazines. It felt great. Now I have 5 large binders. :-) a bit of an improvement.

At least when I am looking for a pattern now I have them cauterized and culled down to what I like.