Thursday, June 30, 2011

Can It Be??

Oh! Can it be?

Can it be that Tom and Debra have finally found the near-perfect house? 


Ooooo.... it's darling. Small--860 sq. feet, not counting the cleanest, driest basement you ever saw. And although built in 1930, it's like brand new inside, all redone beautifully (with the' burnished' fixtures I love).

But hey, it doesn't resemble at all that Anne of Windy Poplars house (as Judy F. called it) I showed you Tuesday. So please don't expect anything blow-you-over fancy, ok?

But it does look like our original vision and I think it's sweet and what a blank canvas!;

There's a picture window, even, and a perfect-sized newish concrete front patio. See that 6 ' tall hedge on two sides? Cher and I think it's honeysuckle--made the whole neighborhood smell incredibly sweet!

And when you walk inside you see this sunny area--living room, dining room, kitchen. (Love that chandelier and all the other burnished-style lights and doorknobs, also). The dining room window has two which crank outward and one stationery one in the center.

As with the rest of the house, everything in the kitchen is brand new and there's a window over the sink! (I almost never get one of those.) The lovely top cupboards have spaces above them for decorative ceramic items, etc. (have always wanted that, too). On the opposite side there's another cabinet below and two above and space for the refrigerator. I would use my 100-year-old pie cabinet in the basement as winter pantry storage.

And this would be Tom's office at the base of the very cool-looking replacement pine stairs which lead upward to:

.... the guest room/Debra's room which has a large-ish closet and a tiny sitting area beside what you see here.

And well, add a first-floor bedroom, a bathroom (again, brand new), the basement, a one-car garage, a tall, tall flagpole--and all at under $55,000, well, there you have it.

Happy sigh.

I want this house. It's exactly like our original plan--something small, simple, doesn't need much work so that we can put our financial affairs in order then go out and play until the time to move out-of-state arrives. Even Cher said it certainly fits that bill perfectly!

And uh-oh..... We've not even put a bid in yet (and Tom is just 95% sure about it), but I've already named it:

Hobbit Cottage.

Do you love that? Walk around in that top room awhile and you'll agree it's the perfect house for Hobbits like us. ...heh... (We're already planning a short dormer on one side up there.)

And it's even just down the street from my favorite everything-shopping spot of the last 18 years. Really. A place I know like the proverbial back of my hand. (Though, no--it's not in our former town.) In fact, my oft-mentioned 1940's style movie theater is there, too!

So's not a 100% sure deal, but I did at least want to cheer-up this sad, sorry blog as of late!

Oh happy, happy day... Something pretty darn perfect does exist for us out there after all.


Finding it odd that I would prefer a house with an all-new interior? So am I! But after walking through many houses needing tons of paint and repairs, this one made me feel so very relaxed. Un-pressured. Took all my stress away and hey--you gotta love that.


The Hobbits, themselves....


P.S.  There was a question regarding the stairs in my comment box so I'll reiterate--there's a bedroom and bathroom on the first floor for Tom. He will not be going upstairs to our guestroom/Debra's room. For me, I love stairs and have greatly (greatly!) missed the exercise they used to give me before Naomi moved back home. (I can hardly wait to do stairs again...yay!)


Lori Alexander said...

Looks awesome!

Deborah Raney said...

It looks absolutely perfect, Debra! And you know what? One of my favorite styles is new house with old, comfortable, nostalgic furniture and decor. You would make this house perfect with your decorating style. Love the yard and hedge, too. Oh...can I say, I hope this is the one! : )

If not, it's only because God has something even more perfect in mind. Can't wait to see what it is! Why does He love taking things down to the wire so much though? At least in my experience. Maybe so we'll learn to trust that He has it all under control?

Have loved the peeks into your journey of late!

jodi said...

I love the window over the sink. Next house request for me. And the front porch and the upstairs room. Cute house.

Tracy said...

Super cute! What's not to love, eh? :)

Anonymous said...

Lovely quaint little house. It already looks cozy and it's empty, so imagine with all your nice things in there.


Anonymous said...

Very cute sweet house!! And so spic anc span looking inside!! What a lovely idea!!

Elizabeth in NC

Odie Langley said...

As in the theme of my blog I am all for the simple life and that house is perfect.

Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

This may well be the house for you two...Just don't go and make the front door round! ;->

I do see possibilities. And believe me, it only gets more difficult to deal with a big house as one gets older!

Anonymous said...

Honey I do not want to rain on your beautiful parade...but do you really want stairs with Tom's legs like they are? I have always always wanted a two story but glad we did not get it now that we are older. Many of our friends have gotten a two story but added a bedroom and bath on downstairs for guests and for later use. Sorry,...this house is Really cute though...I am honestly on your side...just thinking.... Sarah

Debra said...

Thanks, Everyone for your thoughts! I appreciate your happiness for us--we are most likely going to put in a bid tomorrow!

Sarah---uh, Honey.... you should have read a bit closer. :) Tom's bedroom will be downstairs in the bedroom I mentioned. He'll not be doing the stairs--I will. And I love stairs for the exercise. I can't wait!

Thanks again, all....Debra

Anonymous said...

Yes you are so right I did not pay attention when I read...sorry. Sarah

Phil said...

Debra! It's adorable! Jump at it, pronto! You won't remember me, but I emailed you back when you were last taking a little "blog break" saying that I would miss you so! I grew up near where you are now.

Anyway, have continued to read you every day, albeit not commenting.

This house looks perfect for you and Tom. I hope God agrees. : )


Phil said...

P.S. I show up as PHIL because I'm using my husbands google account but that's okay, we're pretty much interchangeable, anyway. : )

And no, I'm not up at 12:42 a.m. I live in Cali. lol.