Monday, June 06, 2011


Good gracious. God and I are psycho-analyzing me.

But you know? We're finally getting somewhere. Finally good ol' Peace is sticking around for more than, like, ten minutes.

Am I ready for a tiny house like I showed you in my last post? Uh, no. But what I do need is to own less stuff. Lately clutter has, hmm.... How can I say this without sounding wacky? Clutter has threatened to push me into the ever-popular activity known as panic attacks. Notice I said threatened--I've not fallen into one. Not yet. But last week I was iffy.

So currently I'm bailing clutter out of this house as if in a sinking ship, bailing water to save myself from drowning. Bail, baby, bail! :)

(I also realized Tom and I need a different hobby than zooming around to yard sales every weekend. That's too much like recovering alcoholics using the weekends to visit bars. Alas.)

The other thing God and I are discovering is that I must have a house with at least two bedrooms on the first floor--unlike what we have now. The second bedroom would be a man cave for Tom.

For ages I believed I needed the room with a door, but the man cave idea is a better solution all-around. Of course,(and thankfully), Tom loves that idea.

He can even have our big-screen tv in a man cave-- I don't care anymore. For more than watching tv, I need a semblance of my Suzy Homemaker life back. Seriously. And if I could close Tom off into his own dream room then I could almost have my house back as I used to in the old days when Tom had a real job. You know, back when I was happy. And Tom loves the whole man cave idea, trust me. Just give him a tv, a recliner, a table with a computer, a closet and some shelves for his stuff, and well, he'd consider it all Disneyland. Heaven on Earth.

So now God and I are getting somewhere. Now I'm discovering why things have felt all wrong around here lately: I wasn't respecting the person God made me, but rather, I was stuffing her deep down inside, telling her to just make the best of things. Yet in this case, it hasn't worked and slowly (slowly!) I am learning that if Grace walked out a backdoor and never returned, well, somewhere something is all wrong. Grace-less life is, well, awful.

So. It's good to be psycho-analyzed by God and yourself. It's good to discover what the person at your core must have in order to be healthy (it's usually not a lot, but it's always quite specific). Healthy in order to help others (and not just complain in my blog), also.

It's just, well, Good.


"The truth will set you free."


Note to self: When Grace walks out the door, follow her!


Odie Langley said...

Some good planning and a goal to fulfill. Good luck.

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

You need to own less stuff? You need to stop cruising yard sales? -gigggggles- Oh Sweetie, you didn't need God to tell you this. I could have. But I didn't dare!!!!!! :-) 'Cause you'd not have taken-kindly to being told by me.

So, I will simply sigh a sigh of relief! You did figure it out on your own, or with God, or however you choose to see it.

And I am so glad!

Because I've never been into yard sales or thrifting or collecting. And glad now (at this later time of life) that I never did. It is bad enough, all the ding-dang *stuff* we still do have to rid ourselves of, even without a life-time of yard sales and thrifting and collecting! Eeeek!

Oh and btw, you are perfectly free to not Publish this comment, if you don't want to do so. I know I sound like "I told you so!" and that is a pain in the neck. ,-)


Debra said...

Odie--you are such an ecourager. Thanks!

Aunt Amelia--actually, I wouldn't have missed our years of yard sale adventures for the world. We've walked through so many lovely old homes and met the nicest people on Earth and have driven over hundreds of miles of countryside in search of these sales. Not to mention the thousands of dollars we saved by buying things used rather than new (personally, I find it foolish to buy things new at full price or even at sale prices if I can get them for just pennies *plus* have the fun of yard sales to boot).

But now that we pretty much have everything we need, we look forward to new hobbies. We're thinking car shows, fairs, concerts, reinactments, etc. We are excited to bring home new experiences instead of stuff. :)

Thanks for your comments....Debra

Julie in Texas said...

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