Wednesday, June 15, 2011

When You Believe

On Friday, Cher The Real Estate Lady listed our house online. Minutes later a woman called Cher's office wanting to make an appointment to see our little farm. She and her fiance had been looking for such a place to buy.

On Monday, this woman, her fiance and her teenage daughter came with Cher to see our cottonwood-flying, tall-wet-grass, green-green-green piece of property.

On Tuesday, Cher called us and said they'd put in an offer to buy it.

Oh my goodness. We've sold this farm already!

Cartwheel. Cartwheel. Cartwheel!

The timing was right and God was right to nudge us and say, "Now!" And in the two weeks since we decided to sell, I've felt such a return of Grace.

Hello again, my old friend. I'd missed you.


We've included a contigency about needing 3 weeks to locate a house of our own so please pray we'll find just the right (cheap but nice) place, ok? And thanks so much for your encouragement all along while we've lived and laughed and struggled down on the farm. You all made the journey richer.


Oh, and personally, I've already found the house I want. Tom's not as certain, but Cher will be taking us there soon so we can get a better feel for it. Where is it? Uh, er, erhem.... It's in our former town. The one we moved away from. (Oh, stop laughing! ...heh...) I actually feel excited about the possibility of moving back to The Land of Simplicity. Happy sigh.

But again, we shall see what we shall see.


Odie Langley said...

Congratulations Tom & Debra. Do you have a state picked out yet? I had been hoping and praying that you two would not have to spend another frigid winter up there.

Debra said...

Hey Odie--thanks! No, we'll need to stay in New York longer because Tom's medical insurance is only good here (details to be worked out later). But you know? We feel such a new grace to keep living here awhile longer. We just need to find a better house in which to spend the winter (and be more organized before winter arrives!) :) Thanks again...Debra

Lori Alexander said...


Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

Oh, Debra, I can't believe how like a whirlwind that was........! It was surely meant. Happy house hunting you two. I'm eager to see where you next land!

Tracy said...

Wow - how fabulous!! :)

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

Sorry to always be the *Voice Of Cold Water*, but...

Please don't count your chickens before they hatch.

Real Estate transactions are notorious for not going smoothly. So many "We sold" statements, have to be amended later. As do so many "We bought" statements.

Please keep your enthusiasm in check, until ALL IS SIGNED AND SEALED AND DELIVERED.

I know it's fun to feel that it's all-done-but-the-happy-party. But just don't let yourself get hurt or burned or whatever... If some sort of monkey-wrench gets thrown in to some part of these transactions.

I want it to all flow!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gentle hugs,

Anonymous said...

I agree with Aunt Amelia. I have an accepted offer on mine but there were 2 conditions...building inspection and financing. The building inspection went well and the only condition left is the financing on the part of the purchaser and I will celebrate and do flips once I see the SOLD sign on my front lawn.
You have a lovely property. Hope everything goes smoothly.

Good luck,


Debra said...

Thanks to all of you who are celebrating with us!

And to you more 'practical types'? Well, your words were unnecessary and a bit disappointing (being honest here). We've sold lots of houses before (we are not children) and we already know how things can go! (Good grief.)

But our realtor has said this buyer is a 'golden one'--she could hardly be more perfect unless she was paying cash. Our realtor only brings people by who are pre-qualified to buy a house in the first place. So the financing is already a 'go' and the inspection will be fine since it passed with flying colors just 3 years ago and we've made (approved)improvements ever since.

So what am I saying? I believe there comes a time to just rejoice with those who rejoice and that's frankly what I've needed my readers to do, especially since I've had a long string of emotionally hard times since February and finally I am happier than I've been not only in months, but in years(!) Would it be so difficult to just let me have a few days of out-of-my-mind glee?

It would have been nice if each of you could have respected that, but alas! I'm thankful for those of you who did, for those of you who are not afraid to dream big and splash around in gladness without an underlying dread.

Blessings, Debra

Anonymous said...

WOW...this makes my head spin just reading about it...THIS QUICK...indeed you are supposed to move!!

Blessings, Elizabeth in NC

Blondie's Journal said...

I am so happy for you and your husband! Sometimes good things happen to good people and no explanation is necessary. I hope you find the house of your dreams.


deb said...

I've been following your whole house saga loving every minute of it!!!
I am so happy to hear this news and can't wait to see where you really end up :)
Wherever it is, it will be great!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful news. And so good to know that your realtor has done the hard work in finding a 'sure thing' for you. When we moved a couple of years back we had an agent who also went the extra mile and so it was just a matter of waiting for contracts to be finalised. Let the celebrations begin.

Julie in Texas said...

WOO! HOOO! I have been away from reading, because great things have been happening here at the exact same time! Tuesday, the 14th, my hubby got a job offer out of the blue! From an application for a posting that he submitted 10 months before, when he realized he was going to be laid off, but still had his job! God's timing! Seeing SO much of this! And, we are moving states to my dream location!!!

Debra, we now will be dealing with selling our home and finding another, as you and Tom are, and I have full confidence that when circumstances and timing are proper, it will all click into place, for you and us. So exciting! Congrats!!!!