Friday, June 24, 2011

Oh Well! And Oh Dear...

First, the oh well part...

Two other parties bid on that little cottage house (as I'd begun calling it) after we did. We countered, and oh well... the owners accepted another offer.

And you know? We both feel ok about it. As I told Cher (who told me over the phone that she hoped I wouldn't cry or else she'd have to cry with me...heh...), earlier this afternoon I got a second wind for house-searching. Found some homes I liked better, even.

So alas. That cottage house chapter is closed. But that's ok.

Now here's the oh dear part: I fell in love with another house. Already.

I am so bad.

But this latest one needs work. Uh-oh.

Oh, but I simply must tell you about it and show you pictures. It was built in 1809 (gracious!) and has a secret door to the Underground Railroad(!)

And oh my... When Tom and I visited Louisa May Alcott's Orchard House ten years ago, I came away longing for a glass-fronted cupboard like the one in Louisa's bedroom. Now, oh my, this house has a nearly identical one!

Love, love, love that little thing!

And this part of the kitchen, to me, screams, "The Waltons live here!":

This other part says, "I was updated in the 1920's." ...heh...

(Love it when I see sinks like that in my 1920's decorating books.)

And these rooms just look plain ol' family cozy, don't you think?

Oh, I am hopeless. Fickle. My heart can absolutely melt inside a 1930's or 40's Cape Cod-style house, then melt all over again five days later in one more than a hundred years older.

My, my, my.............

(Anybody else out there the same way?)


Oh, and thought I'd add that the house is less than $50,000, the roof looks terrific as does the electrical box. It's near a (busy) area I know extremely well, one which often wins Safest Suburb of Its Size national titles (though I don't know this specific 'hood) and is practically just around the block from Tom's doctor, which he's got to love (he hasn't seen the photos yet).


And ok, you guys in the comment box...... I know, I know, already. :) We've bought 6 houses in 3 different states. We've been around. (And I've never heard of anyone in New York buying a home without first having it inspected!)

But don't worry. We won't get this house because never in  my life have we bought a house I adored. Never. And after all these years I've, frankly, lost the faith that we ever will. (Sounds sad, but some things just are the way they are.)

Just dream along with me instead, ok? I need that more than advice and I just wanted to pull out some of you house-loving kindred spirits. Thanks.


Rita said...

Like you I love houses. Especially the ones with quaint little areas and sinks and oh you know what I mean. Beware....the living room wall paper could be hiding some thing. A friend of mine came into some money and plunked that money right down on her new home. A year and a half later they are still putting in new walls (termites), all new wiring, textured ceilings to hide the cracks and on and on. It would kill me plus I'm sure we are looking at nearly $50,000 or more for repairs. Just thought I'd bring you back down to earth for today. :) We are so much alike.

Echoes From the Hill said...

Before you decide, get some realistic bids on needed repairs, and also a home inspection. Old houses are charming, but can cost a bundle in repairs. Been there, done that.

Anonymous said...

I would be afraid of a house that old, but it is very cute! And cheap!! And the fact that it had been part of the underground railroad however...I would expect that to be a blessed house!! HOW NEAT!!

Happy hunting...if GOD closes a door, it is for our best as I am sure you know.

Blessings, Elizabeth in NC

Sara said...

Ok, well, I LOVE IT! There you go! It's just so doggone cute!

Odie Langley said...

You certainly don't want costly surprises soon after you move in so slow is better. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for that lovely tour. It brought me back to my grandmother's house. Personally, I am not afraid of very old houses because I say to myself...people have been living there for 125 years..150 years..200 years. There has to be some very special quality about the house...some houses have a 'soul'.

I'm house shopping too and there's one I am very interested in and it's circa 1851. A friend of mine went to see it and said there's a slant in the kitchen floor but the house looks solid. I will have a building inspection done of course when I make an offer and I can live with a slanted floor and if can always be leveled.


Judy said...

I love that sink!
We lived in a house for 12 years that had a metal cupboard which also housed a sink. It wore a badge, sort of like an old-timey waitress, that said "Shirley". Shirley and I washed A LOT of dishes together...
Were would we be without dreams!

Rodney Olsen said...

You had me convinced as soon as you mentioned the secret door to the underground railroad. :)

Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

Keep looking! I know you and Tom will be led to the right place.