Wednesday, June 08, 2011

When Only The First Step Is Known

So yesterday we took a wild plunge. As in, we had our favorite, kindred-spirit realtor, Cher, over to tour our farm, all the good, bad and ugly parts of it.

She took pictures of the good.

We discussed options, we signed papers. And well, our house is now for sale--and we feel such peace!

Step One: Sell the house.

What's Step 2 you ask? We have no idea. We have clues, hints, wispy feelings, but absolutely nothing definite.

So are we worried, afraid, stressed-out? Nah, we're just listening, quietly, for what God will tell us next. But we stepped out on water and took Step 1 while Step 2 still resides in a fog. We're also decluttering like crazy, selling some items, repairing broken things, painting cupboards and --

But we're certainly not asking God to reveal to us The Big Five Year Plan. We're no fools. We know He almost never hands-out clear, no-fail blueprints. Instead, He prefers trust and faith and well, faith requires unanswered questions. Otherwise it's not really faith, but something else.

So while we wait for Step 2 we'll just plug away at Step 1 with peaceful confidence and a quiet trust that all will be well. We'll choose to believe that Step 2 will tada! Arrive at its appointed, perfect time and that we'll recognize it when it gets here.

If I have any concerns it's that one--that we'll recognize God's Step 2 and that we'll stay far, far away from any doomed-to-fail, just-grab-something-quick! plans of our own.


"In all your ways acknowledge him, and He will make your paths straight." ... Proverbs 3:6


This will be our fourth summer on this farm. Can you believe it?


Anonymous said...

I am very excited for you. My house is also for sale and I am moving 1200km away from here and hope there will be one for me and my pets when the time comes. Wouldn't want to rent and move again.

Shopping for a house is much more pleasant than selling one. Don't you think?
I'm sending good energy towards you and your house.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you are making good progress quickly!! Hope it will sell ere long...summer should the best time for selling.

Blessings, Elizabeth in NC

Anonymous said...

Those four years passed by quickly! Good luck to you and Tom, Debra. Can't wait to hear about your new adventure. Take care, Joyce

Debra said...

Thanks, Ladies, for all your good wishes! They mean so much and both Tom and I appreciate your prayers for this new adventure.

Oh, and Joyce.... Actually we've lived here just three years. We moved here in June 2008 so we've lived here three summers and this one will be our 4th. :) (Hope that makes sense!)

Thanks, again! ...Debra

Julie in Texas said...

Congrats on this big step and so glad you feel the peace of God's guidance! :) My hubby and I sat down for a long talk today about what in the world we are going to do, now that the job prospects he was hoping would pan out told him, yesterday, that they chose someone else. It's been 9 months of trying, trying to find that needle in the haystack.

So, we ask the same question now that no jobs tie us to this place... where do WE want to be... to live? We haven't even achieved step one, but the thought of using the next month and a half to really prepare for a new locale, by paring down further, researching and planning, is weighing heavy upon us. Not feeling that total peace, just quite yet!