Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Good News, Bad News

Okay, cross your fingers, but we may have found a house. Perhaps two! We're waiting to hear about the second one, whether it's still for sale. It enchanted us both today when we drove past and if I can show you photos someday you will be enchanted, too! Well, maybe. If you like that sort of house.

Well, that's the good news. The bad news is that yesterday afternoon and evening Tom and I became two stressed-out maniacs. Oh my goodness--you would have been sorry you'd ever, ever met us. Not only was it because of all this extreme house-hunting, but when I went to gather McCartney The Cat into my arms for comfort from the insanity, I felt what is obviously some kind of tumor/huge cyst/something very bad around her abdomen.

We so did not need this right now. McCartney doesn't need this, ever.

She'd been losing weight, but eating and acting fine, all things considered, after the death of her dearest friend, Lennon, in February. Since that time she's been clingy, a real baby, even though she's 14.

Sigh. We all have difficult seasons in our lives and I do thank each of you for helping me though mine which is at month number 4 (or number 10 if you wish to add Naomi's moving back home and Tom's job loss. But those 2 things, actually, have s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d us into some good, growing places, so I can't really complain about them, even though they were, at times, hard to bear). Your encouragement means more than you know.


Hopefully tomorrow I'll have pictures of the two houses we're considering. Or maybe even tonight if you wish to come back later. :)


Oh, and we're fine about losing that double I mentioned last post. Tom drove through that neighborhood yesterday and said it was Scary. What upset me most was that we didn't even get a chance to discover that for ourselves, first. Instead, it was yet one more house purchased without our getting a fair shake at it.

But again, it doesn't even matter, since the neighborhood was the kind where you'd never sit in your backyard lest some unsavory person, uh, 'bother' you. heh.

So, alas! God knows what He's doing.

Imagine that.


Okay... Cher just now told us our favorite house is still for sale! (You should have heard us squeal after I hung up):

Of course, it looks much better now in summertime. Greenery and fairy-like touches everywhere.

And see on the left that 'garden doorway' off of the garage? Oh, that was so charming! (You really need to see this place in-person. The photos do nothing for it, actually.) Oh, and it's less than $60,000 lest you think otherwise. :)

And here's our second choice--not as picturesque, but the photos from the inside have intrigued me (rather like a 'Blondie House' which I've wanted for years):

(I believe they called it a Dutch Colonial.) And as with the previous one, it's much better looking in real life. A tiny, tiny yard though, which doesn't bother me at all, but which could be a hindrance for future buyers. This one costs even less than the other and is in a so-cool area.

Anyway............ we have appointments to view both houses tomorrow and we are excited! Wish us luck (or blessings as I prefer to say). Thanks!


Morning's Minion said...

I've been following this process of house hunting---its a nerve-wracking business. Both when we were house-hunting last year and this spring when our daughter and her family moved here in April, so much time is lost viewing properties that are either in a bad location or in much worse shape than it appears from photos.
In both our cases, God really blessed us with the "right" property and price--not necessarily the property we might have admired from a realtor's show-sheet. Both were private sales.
There is never a right time to face the illness and loss of a pet--how to tell them that there is nothing we can do to make them better? We can only love them for as long as we can have them.

Anonymous said...

Wow!!! Love, love the first house. Isn't it what they would call a Tudor house? The other house is nice too but there's a stop sign on the lawn. Wouldn't that bother you?


Anonymous said...

Very interesting homes and glad you get to see them!! I think what is happening is people are investing in land and homes, to try to save SOMETHING in the economic times we are in.

Our saga continues too...sigh. And hubby found yet another possiblity. But none of them are very good actually...the offer was a "loaded" one...and he does not need MORE stress. So we wait...and going to have to pray a whole lot in order to make the right choice...seems retirement is the best choice, but we would be better off in a year...but who knows? Maybe it is sooner!

So sorry to hear about your kitty. It is so hard to loose them!!

Blessings on the search!!
Elizabeth in NC

Jammie J. said...

Oh dear. It does seem as if everything happens at once, doesn't it?

Maybe the scary cyst lump thing on McCartney is benign? Ever trying to be the optimist when it comes to the pets... (hugs)

House hunting? Oh, it's quite the adventure. You sure wouldn't know that houses are being snatched up left and right by the way the news portrays the housing market right now. :\

mizsuzee said...

Debra, just love that first house! I hope it all works out that it becomes yours! I'm shocked at the home prices over there - what a cute house for less than 60,000? Incredible!!
So sorry to hear about McCartney's abdominal mass... keep us posted on that as well. We had to take our Jinx to the vet last Saturday... thankfully it wasn't anything serious but I was sure worried!

Mrs. Mac said...

OK .. I haven't visited in a while .. and I thought you wanted warmer weather .. and to move south .. so why is there snow in the front yard? Just a minor detail :) (LOL)

Sara said...

First of all of course, I will add McCartny to my prayer for you and Tom. The illness of a pet is sooooo difficult. Secondly? I love both of those houses and naturally,I want a Blondie house too!

Anonymous said...

Prayers for McCartney, Debra. I know you will find the right house for you, soon. I found the perfect house once, only problem we had to share a driveway and dh couldn't have that, lol. Then, there was the old Victorian that needed lots of work. He said, please don't make me buy that house. I still drive by that one, ha. Agree with the other girls, about the first house, what a great picture. Joyce

Echoes From the Hill said...

Two great possibilities! Hope one of them is the right one!
Sent up a prayer for your kitty.

Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

This house is darling! So full of charm. It could be on a 1920s Christmas card. (I have a collection!)

Poor you and poor McCartney. I hope this can have a good resolution, though it sounds tough.