Friday, June 10, 2011

Just Some Photos

Always I've been big about lighting. Sensitive to it. Great sunlight can cheer me up in a milli-second so I just had to share some glorious sunshine with you by way of our realtor's photos from Tuesday. (Click to enlarge these to get the kinda-full effect, ok?)

Oh wow... Cher's photos (and God's sunlight) make our place look much better than it appears in Real Life. (Hmm... If potential buyers come on cloudy days..... uh-oh!)  Tuesday was one of those days which brings back memories of childhood afternoons, you know, where suddenly you're transported back a few decades and poof! You're ten-years-old again and all your adult concerns and hurts vanish and you're left with just an airy, child-like trust and love for God.
Perfect light, perfect temperature, perfect Springtime afternoon--it was all there on Tuesday and back again today. Days like these make our long Buffalo winters bearable--this is why we sit them out year after year. On glorious Spring days, Winter becomes just a memory and about 2 weeks long in retrospect. (Well, kinda) :)

So I hope you're enjoying some glorious sunshine where you are-- I like to think of it as getting used to the heavenly light we'll skip around in with perfect freedom someday. You know Heaven--that place so big, so unlimited in understanding, that we'll wonder why we ever wasted a moment worrying and complaining down here when the God of Heaven dwelt within us all along.

Happy sigh.


Lisa in Texas = ) said...

Your homestead is a very pretty place and I don't think you will have any problem selling it. Those that come to see it will be lucky to have a tour of your place. Also - Has your daughter moved out? I was just wondering with ya'll deciding to sell - I was figuring she was gone now.
Good luck with the sale of your home - in God's time.
Lisa :o)

Debra said...

Hi Lisa.... Nah, Naomi's still here. :) It's been such a blessing having her here since August--such a grace on her stay. Since escrow always takes at least 2 full months here in NY, that will give us all time to find a new place if we sell quickly--one for her and one for Tom and myself. We'll be staying in NY awhile longer and I'm already looking for something smaller. Thanks for your nice words about our place! :) Blessings, Debra

Anonymous said...

Your place does look very inviting. Very tidy and I like the colors too...the white on the barn is very nice I think. I like the photo in your header too...did not realize you have neighbors so close till I saw this. Hope the sale and all else goes well!

We went to dinner to our favorite "hole in the wall" tonight and talked of our hopeful future plans for next year...and per one phone call hubby made today, we know we are not only on schedule, we are kind of "in the nick of time" too...but it seems often the FATHER does things this way. We have so much to do to be ready for a change by this time next year...PARE down mostly.

Blessings, Elizabeth in NC

Odie Langley said...

Lovely photos and we are experiencing very hot weather with very little rain. There are still fires burning on our coast and it is a dangerous time with everything so dry. Hope you and Tom have a marvelous weekend.