Saturday, July 02, 2011

Are You In The Right Place?

So. Today we're going to put a bid in on that cute little house I showed you.

We are excited! And it tickles and caresses my brain to think--in that house--I could enter straight into the fun of decorating and bypass the cleaning, repairing, painting and a poor ol' aching neck.

Obviously I am getting older. And changing faster than I can track.

But that's ok, for growth brings change so I must be growing--let's just hope in the right, godly way.

Yet no matter what happens, it's back to the suburbs for us! For Tom and me, it's the suburbs which offers the simple, uncomplicated life. Need to save money on gas? It's a cinch when everything you can think of buying is less than two miles away. Growing old and tired of mowing acres of lawn? No problem. You can care for your small suburb yard in short order. Forgot to buy butter at the supermarket? No big deal. You can just pick some up at your neighborhood convenience store.

But. Will I now begin preaching to you in this blog that the only place where Grace will give you one lovely, charmed life is in the suburbs?

Uh, no way.  I refuse to tell you there is just one place (or way) to live, you know, like some back-to-nature bloggers write that our Country began crumbling when people left their farms whole decades ago and if everyone lived in the countryside, grew huge gardens and kept a pantry crammed with food this would be a better United States (making the rest of us feel like unpatriotic slugs).

This may shake-up your world, but I believe God anoints millions of people with special gifts and attitudes so to live in gigantic cities. He wants them there for various reasons known only to Him. He's gifted others with a love for the land and for farm animals and He places them in the countryside (and enables lots of them to write books or blogs so we city or suburb folks can read of their adventures). He wants folks like me in the suburbs and other people out in arid deserts or wild jungles or inside houses perched on mountaintops.

You know, kind of like the Tower of Babel thing. God has plans--huge plans! Purposes, too, and He prefers to spread us all around so He places certain desires within us to keep us happy, contented in those places.

What remains is for us to stay tuned-in to those godly desires and discover where He wants us and remain there for as long as He wishes us to stay.

I hope this will encourage you today. And I hope you're smack-dab in the center of where He created you to be--and making the most of every lovely, Grace-drenched hour there.


"Bloom where you are planted."  .......


Rita said...

I love the way you are growing and changing as life moves along. I am making changes into retirement. Just beginning so lots to do with small pension coming up and retirement papers. But already working on a new filing system and organizing my life in a easier way. So far it's kind of hard but I think it will get better the longer I'm off work. Wishing you the best. Excited about your hopefully new home.

Anonymous said...

As we go through each change in life, and enter into the older years, tis a fact, we best adapt in one way or another. And because some live so fragmented, as far as being not too close to kin, we then must find how to live well, on our own, or with our spouse. The suburbs are more peaceful than centers of town or cities, no doubt about that. True, some seem able to do ok in cities. For sure, we need to be listening to HIS voice to reach our destinations, whatever they are. ONLY HE knows how to put all the pieces of the puzzle together.

Hope it will go smoothly,
Elizabeth in NC

Odie Langley said...

You are always encouraging Debra. Hope the bid works for you.