Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Just a Note


Four 'parties' walked through our house and yard yesterday, three seemed very interested(!)

Two more parties are due today (Cher says we're getting so much interest in this house that you'd think we were giving away a free turkey with each viewing).

And.... (drum roll)... After searching through hundreds of houses online, Tom and I think we've found THE house to buy! Online it appears nearly perfect, a miniature version of what we now have (miniature being the pleasant, key word), only better located as far as shopping goes (yay!). But of course, we'll need to see it for ourselves in-person. Alas.

I considered showing you a few photos of THE house, but I know you're so tired of me jerking you around from one possible house to another, in whole varieties of states, even. So I'll wait and show you only what we become super-serious about, that is, unless you enjoy being jerked around like this(?) :)

(A hint: it's only 24 miles away from us.)

So, much excitement around here! I can tell it's time to go: just thinking about driving away forever in a moving van makes my heart all pitter-pattery.

Happy sigh.


(Thanks for your kind comments lately!)

Oh! And Lori reminded me of what I should have reminded everyone earlier-- Tom and I can't move out-of state right now because his medical insurance is only good in New York state. We'll be working out all those details in the future, but right now all we know for certain is that we're supposed to sell this too-big-for-us farm before it kills us. heh. :)


Rita said...

I am nearly as excited as you are. I love looking at houses so if you could it would be wonderful to see the one you are looking at. I am home for the summer with a few health problems that will be fine over time but have been a bit discouraged. I just love helping you move in my mind. :) Blessings to you.

Lori Alexander said...

I would love to see the house you are interested in but I thought you wanted to move south where it is warmer...

Debra said...

Oh, I'm sorry to read you're not feeling well, Rita! I hope you recover so very soon. And I'll count your comment as one vote for seeing photos of the current house on our minds! :) Thanks.

Lori--thanks for reminding me to add why we can't move outof state right now. I posted it out on my blog post so to clear up the confusion (I don't blame anyone for being confused about our crazy on-again, off-again plans!) :)

Thanks to you both...Debra

Lisa in Texas = ) said...

Yay! It sounds like things are just clicking right along! Oh and me for one - does not mind being jerked around with photos of houses. I love to look at houses!
Lisa :O)

Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

I would love to see the house you are considering! I wish you all the luck possible with this newest enterprise!I'm sorry you cannot move to a warmer climate, but you can probably find ways to make it less of a burden...(And who knows? Maybe the weather will improve!)

Tracy said...

Hope your farmhouse sells quickly! I would love to see the home you're considering too! :)

Sara said...

So happy that everything is falling into place. I, for one, never tire of looking at houses so feel free to share away!

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

That's right... The insurance thing. That's why the house is not in another state. But so much less to take care of!!!