Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Mom And Man Caves Save The Day

Oooooh.... I'm feeling much, much better since writing my last (stressed-out, I'm-gonna-go-crazy) post.

Why? Because now I have a Mom Cave:

Oh, I'm still dancing inside. Only took me 10 months to think of bringing the loveseat into our dining room and carrying my computer away from the tv where Tom watches his war shows (bang, scream! bang, scream!) and that sports guy who goes blab-blab-blab for hours every morning (ever heard that guy? Eegads.).

No more need for Daisy Cottage music blaring on my headphones while writing in my blog or doing other Net stuff and eating and printing-out coupons and feeling like I'm inside an out-of-control circus. And ok, so it's not supposed to be as safe when your laptop is just receiving (radioactive/dangerous/deadly) airwaves, rather than being plugged into the whatever-you-call-it box (which then, supposedly, stops emmitting those Danger Waves. Supposedly.)

Right now I, frankly, just don't care.

No, I'll just live dangerously because it's such an extreme part of my nature to have my own room and lots of peace and being able to listen to what I wish, when I wish and fall asleep on the love seat while watching an old Dick van Dyke Show on Netflix if I so choose.

And today I so chose.

And well, believe you me, Tom is thrilled that now the living room is his Man Cave and today that annoying, nagging woman closed the pocket doors and left his new room. Now he just does what he wants, too. And loves it.

Oh, happy, happy day. Things will continue to improve around here now, I just feel it. Heck, they began the moment I made a special place for Grace and God and myself to hang out.

Oh, the power of paying attention when things feel all wrong inside--and then taking steps to fix them... and not feeling guilty at all for grabbing what you needed to heal your sanity.

After all, how can you help other people after those men in white coats come and haul you away?  :)


"In my own little corner, in my own little chair I can be whatever I want to be."

... Rodgers and Hammerstein


Anonymous said...

Pretty good illustration of adapting to retirement eh?? Having a room to one's self tis looking better as THAT DAY looms ever closer to me too!!

Blessings, Elizabeth in NC

Dolores said...

Mom Caves Rule!!!!!!

Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

I'm still laughing over the last sentence! I am also slightly introverted, and so was Paul. Just slightly, but we both needed time apart to enjoy our time together. Introverted people slowly loose energy when they are continuously with other people, or so they say. I can feel it myself. Not that I have that problem so much anymore......I think you were so wise to find a solution to this, and will feel better now, and so will Tom.

Echoes From the Hill said...

I so agree about the need for separate "caves".
I also have the need to have alone time.
My husband has an office (former bedroom) upstairs, and I have an area downstairs. Makes for a happy marriage!
Now, you know what to look for in your next home.