Thursday, June 22, 2006

While Driving Out In The Country...

... here is what I found at an antique shop today. Isn't he darling? We don't have a real dog, so for now, he is as real as it gets around our house.

Tom and I went to one of our favorite places in the whole world today, one which is nearby, thankfully (considering how big this world actually is). It's a park on one of the Great Lakes, a park sitting next to a little town which time forgot. We had a lovely picnic and sat and read and looked out over the hazy-blue ocean-like lake.

On the way home we stopped at this cabin-in-the-woods antique shop and that is where I found this little dog waiting for me. And now here he sits on top of our library hutch. And as an aside, we found all the pots and the eucalyptus valance on the curb over the years.

We do love living here... in a place where people can still find treasure along the street... We even found this treasure in our tree when we got home... a baby robin. Fortunately, its parents know where it is--Tom saw its mom (dad?) feed him a worm awhile ago. Poor little thing has been sitting there for hours and lets us get quite close... In times like these I'm reminded how I'm always close to a prayer--I've been praying for this little guy to fly back to his home over in our neighbors' tree where his family, I'm sure, is waiting for him.

(Click on photos to enlarge.)

P.S. The baby robin stayed in the tree all night long... he was there this morning and you should have seen all the robins on the telephone wires encouraging him to fly home! Finally, by the time I returned from my walk, he was gone... and I am going to assume he's safe back in the ol' family nest.

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