Friday, June 16, 2006

If It's Anyone's Fault...

This week I wandered through many antique shops. Oh, not the kind where everything is ancient and priced right for millionaires only. No, but the kinds where our grandmothers would probably laugh to tears to see, 1.) The rusty tins, mixing bowls and aprons they would have handled in their kitchens every single day and 2.) The price tags on their 1930's stuff!

But anyway, as usual, I began taking mental notes on how these old objects were displayed. Many were placed in tiny room-like scenarios. Little kitchen corners with painted sifters, metal canisters, Formica tables and egg beaters. Small bedroom-like boxes with beds, oval-framed sepia photos and chenille bedspreads. On and on I wandered until I began to feel a little discouraged that most of my own rooms at home aren't quite as cute as these displayed rooms.

Then right away I realized that I already own much of what was sprawled all over (or variations, anyway). So really (it hit me) if my rooms don't look that cute, well, it's my own fault. I mean, it's my own fault if I've neglected my decorating skills this year so far. It's my own fault if I've gotten downright lazy in the Creativity Department of my own head.

Basically--if my house doesn't look as cute as I'd like it--and if I'm spending money on things I do not love--and if I'm not creatively arranging and painting what I do own, well, the fault is not my husband's or our budget's or God's or Life's. But mine. All mine.

Well, standing in one of those shops, I once again vowed not to become one of those people who blame everything and everyone for the lack in their life. No way. So today I began tackling our Guest/Music/Exercise/Throw-It-In-There Room. And after only a couple hours, just by moving things around and trying to stick to a three-color scheme, I created a little bit of order up there. A cozy retreat. All just by jumping out of my laziness and choosing creativity over a vague sense of blame.... There are now bits of calm up there--as you can see by the photos in this post.

But let me be quick to add-- three-fourths of the room is still in utter, unorganized disarray. We are talking pathetic--so pathetic, that if you saw photos of the mess, you would be embarrassed to even admit you read my blog.

But this is a start. And sometimes, rising-up against inactivity--and the futility of blame and excuses and that lazy pull-- is all it takes to make you feel a whole lot better. (And I'm not just talking about decorating, either...)

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