Friday, June 02, 2006

LIttle Manhattan

Oh my... Weeks ago, I heard Tony Danza recommend the movie, Little Manhattan, and someone else did, too--someone in my comment box. And well, I'd been waiting (im)patiently to see it. So finally Tom and I watched it tonight and--


Positively, absolutely adorable. Highly, highly recommended,with no reservations or warnings.... that is, if you like sappy sentimental when it works.

And in this movie, sappy sentimental does work. Big time.

It was a little like the old tv series, Wonder Years, though sweeter. It was like reliving the awkward, painful years of your childhood--and being reminded of how good it feels to finally grow-up.

Four thumbs up! Tom and I both loved it. We laughed and cried through the whole thing like the babies at heart that we are.

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