Friday, June 23, 2006

Some Finds & A Helpful Hint

Since some of you like retro stuff as I do, I thought I'd share a few finds... But first, here's the helpful hint: Twelve (or so) years ago I bought this 'jailer's key ring' and it instantly made my life easier. If my hands are full of groceries or boxes or whatever, I can just slip this ring easily around my wrist, leaving my hands free. Love that.

Okay, I have this thing for old figurines and these two little guys, above, are favorites. And I found this elephant at an estate sale inside a house which whisked me back to the 1940's. Truly, it felt like nothing had been added to this house since that decade--my favorite kind of house to stumble upon while time traveling under the guise of 'estate sale shopping.'

Of course I had to have this old 1947 Blondie's Cookbook the minute I discovered there was such a thing. Since the Bumsteads' tv house is my all-time favorite, I simply had to own their cookbook, too. I have some nice old cookbooks, but this one makes me happy with its many cartoons inside and its old-timey feel.
And lastly, here's a closer close-up of the adorable little dog I found yesterday. Is he cute, or what?

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