Friday, June 09, 2006

Feelin' Better

I only have a few minutes... We are on our way to estate sales this morning, but I didn't want my last (whining) post to still be the first one to pop up when you got here. I am feeling better now--hooray!

So here is a picture I took of Tom yesterday down in our so-messy-you-can't-believe-it basement. One of those 'candid' shots which he's always trying to take of me because he read somewhere that candid shots look better. Sadly, he's discovered that is a miserable lie when it comes to candid shots of Debra. But, alas, he keeps trying (and bugging me like crazy in the process!).

So anyway, here is my sweetie of 27 years. You'd never guess that next year he will be 50, would you? Everyone agrees he looks good for being such an old guy. Six years ago, he and Naomi went to college together and some of their classmates honestly believed, at first, that Tom and Naomi were brother and sister rather than father and daughter!

And honest, I was happy for Tom each time they were mistaken for siblings (and trust me, he was always sure to come home and brag, uh, tell me about each incidence). And for, like, 6 seconds, I even toyed with the idea of joining Tom and Naomi at college to see if anyone would mistake Naomi for my sister.


I chickened-out of that real fast. My grey hair and crows feet and inching-toward-matronly figure would have clearly declared to all: "Obviously we are talking Naomi's mom here. Don't even think about confusing her for Naomi's sister."

Good thing I have a sense of humor about it.
Good thing I am at peace with being in my 40's.
(Well, most hormone-calm days, anyway.)

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