Friday, June 02, 2006

The Stuff You'll Find On My Streets

You may not believe this (but it's true anyway)--- we found all these things out on the streets on various trash days. Yes, it's sad that we've become such a throw-away society, but on the other hand, sometimes that makes it nice for the rest of us.
We found this mirror and the little clock on top.
We found this chair in even nicer shape than shown here.

...Wardrobe closet (above left) is so old that it has square-headed nails. I made a hutch (above right) from two pieces we found at different curbs.

We found this wrought-iron corner post and most of the dried flowers on it, too.

Kind-of amazing, huh? Just goes to show, you never know what a day will hold. A day spent with God can mean surprises of all kinds, especially if we keep our eyes open and our hearts full of faith that good things can happen, even on ordinary days.

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