Sunday, June 18, 2006

Blog Magazine?

Last week while walking away from Barnes and Noble and grumbling about the direction of today's decorating/women's magazines, I wondered, "If I had my own magazine, what would it look like?"

And then it occurred to me that, in a way, I do already have a magazine of sorts--I have this blog. As I thought more along those lines, I, again realized, as with any venture, I am limited only by my imagination.

So anyway, I said that just to say that I want this blog, this 'magazine-of-sorts', to have, well, something for everyone. Not that everyone will like everything, but for the sake of balance and in hope of having something here which will appeal to as many people with varying needs/tastes/hobbies, I hope to mix things up a little more.

Which is a lot of words just to say, hang in there if you don't see something today which appeals to you. Come back tomorrow and you may be surprised.

.......Anywayyyy.... I like to save my Victorian Trading Company catalogs and use them for the occasional attempt at collage. The first two photos, above, are done on paper in a little Victorian scrapbook I found at Dollar Tree..

The third one is done on the back of a clear glass plate. I've done many collages on plates and given them as gifts. This plate is probably my favorite.

The last photo is meant to appeal to the penny-pinching lovers of art nouveau amongst us. I bought these coasters at Big Lots months ago for only $1 (that was the regular price!). They live upon my front porch.

(Click upon photos to enlarge.)

In need of a laugh today? Check this out over at Mel's blog. ...Heh... If I had a REAL magazine, I would hire Mel as my humor editor. Definitely.

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