Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Another Prayer Request for Michael

I wrote before about my nephew (here), the one in the Army National Guard... the one who was sent to protect those who were cleaning-up Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina.

The photo: Michael, Tommy, Naomi...

I asked for prayer for him then and I'm asking for prayer again now. Last week he was sent to Afghanistan....sigh... My sister hears from him online and says he is in good spirits. Of course, I'm grateful for that.

But here's the strange thing. Even though he's in his mid-20's, even though I saw him a year-and-a-half ago and I know what he looks like...even with all that, I still, still picture him looking like the little boy he used to be. I sit here and see him as a boy of four--or maybe twelve-- standing, this time, in a hot desert, in a uniform much too big and carrying a gun, as well... No matter how many pictures of him I see now, photos such as this one below, I'll always see him as that little guy so very long ago.

And we would very much appreciate your prayers for the protection of him and all those with him in our armed forces.

As for the first photo, some mothers do not allow their children to play in the dirt, but my sister and I were not of that persuasion. We believed they should play in the dirt for as long as they could, for childhood evaporates, and unless they became gardeners later in life, they may never have that chance again.

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