Monday, February 25, 2013

Today You Are Complete

"For in Christ lives all the fullness of God in a human body. So you also are complete through your union with Christ, who is the head over every ruler and authority."   ... Colossians 2:9,10


Back in my good old days(ha), relatives (mostly) tossed out hints like parade candy to Tom and me that we should have more than just one child. We needed to have another one (or two) they insisted, lest Naomi grow-up all wonky. You know, without a sibling.

"Our branch of the Great Family Tree will die out!" they proclaimed, (obviously signaling the end of civilization as we know it). A couple relatives even took Tom aside and suggested he try, well, things which were absolutely none of their business and--had I been there--I'd have told them such. Loudly.

And of course, all our friends were having babies as easily as falling out of the proverbial bed. Oh, the many baby showers I attended in my 20's.

But the fact was, God enabled Tom and me to have only one child the old-fashioned way. We were not one of those couples who could just quip, "Hey! Let's have another baby!" then nine months later drive to the hospital to pick one up. 

It's funny, though, how other people get ideas about personal things meant only for a husband, his wife and God to decide. In fact, another relative even told someone (who told me), "If Debra wanted another baby, she would give birth to one." Gah. How hurtful and clueless. Off and on, some months here and there, I did want another baby, but all I got was a permanent case of secondary infertility, instead.

But what I've seen from hindsight? Half of my desire for another child was hormonal, the  other half was because I wanted what other people had instead of what God wanted for me. And that, my friends, is called lust. Anytime we want something more than we want God--or His specific plan for us--we've wandered over to lust. 

And that is so not good.

So anyway, when Naomi was 11, Tom and I looked into adoption, but you know? God used that appointment to make us both realize adoption wasn't in His plan for us. He'd given us only one (incredible, amazing) child because that was His perfect, individualized desire for us.

And oh, when we finally got that! We never, ever looked back and have, always since, reveled in our contentment and in God's knowing what truly, is best. Long ago, after acceptance, we moved-on to all the other paths and ministries and gifts God's given us. 

And that has made all the difference.

So today I would say rejoice! Because of your union with Jesus, you are complete. In Him, alone. Not complete only if you have at least 2.4 children--or any number of grandchildren, either. Not because you are married or have much godly wisdom. Nor because you worked hard for a masters degree or a just-right body. Not because you've cultivated a beautiful voice, family or home or have visited that Country you dreamed about as a child. 

No, we are complete only because of--and in--Jesus. He who is the head over every ruler and authority, especially those so-called 'authorities' who tell us we're not complete until they say we are. Yes, thank-goodness, He's especially the head over them.  :)


God is the God of more than enough! 

"And this same God who takes care of me will supply all your needs from his glorious riches, which have been given to us in Christ Jesus."   ... Philippains 4:19

"Make it your ambition to lead a quiet life, to mind your own business and to work with your hands..."   ... 1 Thessalonians 4:11


Oh! I'm enjoying this free kindle book so much. My world has gone all complicated lately, so a Nancy Drew-type of book is feeling perfect at the moment. (Other Penny Nichols books are available there for free, also.)



Terra said...

You are very right, we are complete in Christ alone. This message is not easy to learn, not for me, but I am making much progress. Your story of having one child is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Well, we had 3, but wished for more. But I barely had enough strength to complete raising the third one so HE knew best. We did however practice birth control some, and I am not so sure that is right either. Unless one is ill, of course. But one day we will know I suppose what we should have done better, if we do not know so now. If your daughter is anything like my wonderful mother was, also an only child, then she is a gift to the world. My mom did not like being an only child, but she was so wonderful, the best human I have ever known!! Having sibblings does not mean you will have this big happy family. I rarely see my brothers and they communicate with me as they choose to, which is rare in one case and seldom in the other. SO, having more than 1 child does NOT necessarily mean as adults you will have a larger family to meet with often. Not necessarily. Tis best to accept whatever situation GOD places on our lives, tis true.
Elizabeth in VA now...

Anonymous said...


w who will soon peck out a note to you.

Anonymous said...

The birth control thing is one I wonder about now too. Having used fertility drugs myself, that is now another question. Now to move on and council more with God from now on. Wonderful post Debra...much thought and wisdom...thanks! Sarah

Terri said...

When I was young and naive I had a desire to have four children. I had two and six weeks after my 2nd child's birth my husband took me to the doctor for his 'routine exam'. It was a vasectomy. The choice of having more was never discussed. It was just one of many betrayals.

I really wanted another child, knew that something vital was missing. God eventually gave me that third child, a lovely girl who just happens to be the apple of her daddy's eye (my 2nd husband adopted her when she was still an infant). He brought to the marriage his two sons, one was severely handicapped and died about the time my husband started adoption process for my youngest daughter.

So...all that to say that everywhere we went as a family of seven we took a lot of hits for being such a big family and that continued even when we were a family of six.

Which just goes to show that others will criticize no matter whether you have none, one, or twenty.

Jammie J. said...

I love this post ten thousand times a million. Perfectly said.